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Winter driving etiquette tips you need to know.

Danielle Williams November 16, 2018
A man driving a car in winter.

Driving can be tough. And with icey and snowy road conditions, that makes winter driving even more stressful for everyone.

Here at CAA we’re all about “Making Your Bad Days Good. And Your Good Days Better.” And that counts for all drivers and their passengers. To make sure we all have a safe winter, we’ve put together seven driving etiquette tips you should keep in mind to help prevent accidents and reduce frustration for all motorists.

It’s more than just please and thank you! This winter drive the Canadian way with these tips.

Infographic on winter driving etiquette. Title of section 1 reads: "No, please , after you!" Body copy of section 1 reads: "More than half of surveyed CAA Members say that they find it more difficult to merge in the snow. Let fellow drivers into your lane to help the flow of traffic." Section 2 title reads "Protect others' personal space". Section 2 body copy reads: "Leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle ahead. Give yourself time to react to changes in traffic flow, such as unexpected, quick stops and movements. Section 3 title reads: "Stay calm and drive on." Section 3 body copy reads: "Winter driving can be stressful. To help stay calm, take a moment to breathe deeply and refocus during long commutes." Section 4 title reads: "Respect old Man Winter." Section 4 body copy reads: "Always stay focused and drive according to road conditions". Section 5 title reads: "Adjust to Canadian winter drive time." Section 5 body copy reads: "Leave extra time to get to your destination safely whenever poor weather is expected. Check weather reports and readjust commuting routines to avoid being rushed". Section 6 title reads: "The rear-view window wave." Section 6 body copy reads: "Extend a friendly gesture to others to express gratitude for their acts of courtesy and then pay it forward". Section 7 title reads: "Remove snow and ice." Section 7 body copy reads: "Always thoroughly clean off your vehicle to avoid ice hazards and blowing snow that can reduce visibility for other drivers."