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Get your car ready for spring with CAA's 7-step checklist.

Rael Tooch March 23, 2016
Washing a car on driveway.
While the weather may have been mild this winter, make no mistake, your car has still been through the ringer. It may not be battered and bruised on the outside, but below the surface it’s possibly hurting. The fluctuating temperatures have not helped at all – but we can help you get your car back on track. It’s simple and easy, as we have seven tips you can follow.

But first, remember that regular care for your vehicle will help to maintain its longevity and improve performance.

CAA South Central Ontario’s annual spring maintenance checklist will help keep your vehicle running smoothly this season:
  1. Give your vehicle a thorough cleaning to remove all the salt and sand accumulated over the winter months.
  2. Change your oil and top up your fluids to help keep your car running properly.
  3. Replace your wiper blades if they are worn or damaged.
  4. Check all your lights to ensure they are in good working condition.
  5. Replace hoses and belts that have become cracked or frayed.
  6. Switch back to your all-season tires when the temperature reaches 7°C consistently and rotate your tires to prevent uneven wear.
  7. Inspect your vehicle’s battery to make sure all the connections are clean and dry. If it is time for a new battery, CAA’s Battery Service will test, replace and recycle your old battery from your home, workplace or even the side of the road.

For a thorough vehicle checkup, visit one of CAA’s Approved Auto Repair Service facilities.