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Looking for Easy Ways to Get Around Those High Gas Prices?

Deidre Plotnick July 06, 2022
Woman filling car at gas station
If you’ve filled up your vehicle with gas lately, you likely felt the sting at the pump. Little wonder. Gas prices in Canada are at record highs and analysts warn that these high gas prices are likely to continue right through summer road trip season. A recent survey conducted by CAA South Central Ontario shows that gas prices above $2 per litre are impacting 64% of Ontarians’ road trip plans. So, what’s a vehicle owner to do? Here are some easy ways to get around those high gas prices. 

Link cards to take advantage of fuel discounts.

Do you have a credit or affinity card that gives you savings on fuel? If you’re a CAA Member, you do. CAA’s new partnership with Shell means Members can save three cents per litre at the pump, save 10% on car washes and in-store purchases too. Just swipe your CAA Membership card at the pump or download the Shell EasyPay app for Apple or Android. These savings on fuel are just one more great reason to join CAA if you’re not already Member.

Use apps to track fuel prices and reduce time stuck in traffic.

Apps like GasBuddy are updated in real-time by drivers across the country so you can quickly find the lowest gas prices near you. Know that gas prices typically go up on Thursdays and over the weekend, so, it’s best to fill up at the beginning of the week. An app like Waze can help avoid time idling in traffic and burning through gas by suggesting alternate routes. Just be sure to obey speed limits and traffic signs if you’re being re-routed through a residential neighbourhood.

Mature couple with smartphone in kitchen

Fill up less, more often.

Gas prices fluctuate daily. So, it’s best to avoid filling your tank. Instead, fill up halfway so you can still take advantage of lower prices in the future. By keeping a bit of gas in your tank – and not waiting until your tank is empty to fill it – you won’t be forced to purchase from the closest gas station or while gas prices are sky-high.

Swap your four wheels for two.

Running errands or commuting to work? Take your bike. Rent a bike to explore your summer vacation destination and leave the car at the hotel. Your wallet and your heart will thank you. CAA Members can get in the saddle with peace of mind because Membership includes CAA Bike Assist®, for 24/7 roadside bike assistance in Canada.

Businessman carrying bike and helmet down stairs

Be aware of how you drive to keep gas consumption in check.

You can also control your fuel consumption by watching how you drive and staying on top of your car maintenance. CAA offers the following tips:

  • Don’t start your vehicle until you need to.
  • Turn off your vehicle if you’re going to be idling longer than what you would at a stoplight.
  • Avoid “jackrabbit” starts and hard braking.
  • Use cruise control to maintain your speed, since fuel economy decreases over 90 km/hr.
  • Keep your tires at manufacturer’s recommended pressure and check them monthly.

Go electric and get rid of fuel costs completely.

Did you know that electric vehicles (EVs) cost less than 35 cents per “litre equivalent” to fill up? That’s because they require 75 per cent less energy to drive. While EVs do cost more than gas-powered vehicles, the more you drive, the more you’ll save. Plus, the higher gas prices go, the faster you’ll offset the additional, upfront costs of an EV. Not only that, government incentives can sometimes help make up for the higher price tag. 

Mother and daughter plugging in electric car

Despite the rising gas prices, a CAA survey showed that 76% of Ontarians are planning a summer road trip within Ontario, so, the Ontario Staycation Tax Credit may be convincing many vacationers to stay within the province this summer. 

If a road trip within Ontario or further is in your plans, consider the tips above to help reign in your gas costs. Before you leave, it’s also smart to check on your auto insurance. CAA Insurance1 gives complimentary policy reviews to make sure you have the right auto insurance for your needs, at the best possible price. You don’t have to be a CAA Member to get one. Just think: you can use those auto insurance savings to help fill your tank!

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