Test of Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

Vacations are all about making everlasting memories. Having clients who want me to be a part of that and knowing that the advice I give helps them have the getaway they’ve been dreaming about is incredibly rewarding.

Personal travel helps me do my job even better and I try to get away as often as I can. The UK and the Caribbean have always been at the top of my list.

I must not forget New York City – what’s not to love? Whether you’re in Manhattan or any of the other four boroughs, you’ll easily find famous tourist sites, great places to eat and witness everyday New Yorkers just going about their lives. It really is the kind of place that caters to people with interests across the board – sports enthusiasts, art and music lovers, history buffs, fashionistas and foodies – you name it, you’ll see it in New York.

My top travel picks.

London, UK is a special city to me and really has something for everyone - history, beautiful architecture, shopping and big city nightlife. Plus, you can visit quaint and picturesque country landscapes within just a few hours’ drive of the city.There are also times when you just need to get away and be pampered. The Caribbean is an ideal destination for doing just this. Does a luxurious week at a 5-Star resort that includes decadent dining, relaxing spa treatments and a butler to serve you cocktails by the beach sound like the vacation you desperately need? It was for me! I travelled to Jamaica to indulge in some 5-Star pampering and I can tell you that it was 100% worth it!

  • South Bank Walk to Tower Bridge South Bank Walk to Tower Bridge, London
  • Historical architecture in Oxford, England. Oxford, England
  • Markets in Camden Town, London Camden Town, London
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South Bank Walk to Tower Bridge.


This is a must do for your first time to London.

Insider tip: Start in the morning at the Globe Theatre and walk along the South Bank to avoid the crowds. Depending on your pace, you can reach Tower Bridge around noon which gives you the perfect lighting to get some great photos.



Oxford is a beautiful and charming university town with so much character. The inhabitants are younger (because of the university) but the buildings are 14th century. This juxtaposition is quite a sight to see.

Insider tip: Rent a vehicle for the day to take in the area or schedule a hassle-free tour.

Camden Town.


The funky stores and markets are a must for hagglers and budget-conscious shoppers.

Insider tip: Trendy and rugged Camden Town is by far the most economical option for shopping in the city. The same tourist souvenirs sold everywhere else for 10 GBP can be found in Camden for just one or two.