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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

Travel is a passion of mine for sure. I love to help people plan trips and book the vacations of their dreams. Seeing the world is such a rewarding experience because it gives us perspective on how people in other countries live. Learning about other cultures makes us appreciate things we might otherwise take for granted.

My top travel picks.

I think everyone would benefit from exploring other cultures and destinations. Here are some pictures from some of my favourite places to visit. Maybe they can inspire you for your next great trip. If so, I'd love to help you make it happen!

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Cape Town.

South Africa

South Africa is the most beautiful country I have ever seen and also my most memorable travel experience. The people are so nice, and the food is amazing. Cape Town’s culinary scene is rated amongst the best in the world.

Insider tip: Be sure to take the cable car up Table Mountain for the best views of the city below. Book in advance because tickets sell out fast.

Glacier Bay National Park.

Alaska, USA

You won't regret a visit to this gorgeous Ocean Park in Alaska. You'll see massive glaciers up close, rugged and dramatic coastlines and wildlife unlike anywhere else.

Insider tip: The park can only be accessed by boat or plane. If you opt for a cruise, make sure you book a balcony cabin, so that you don’t miss a passing glacier or the stunning view - day or night.

Dromoland Castle.

Shannon, Republic of Ireland

Because of its rolling green countryside, Ireland is often called the Emerald Isle. Visitors are treated to historic sites, beautiful coastlines and some of the friendliest people you'll ever meet.

Insider tip: You can book a stay in a real castle in Ireland and it is like stepping right into history. Be sure to book this experience well in advance, as castle stays tend to fill up quickly.