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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

Travel is my passion and I love to deliver excellent and outstanding service to my clients. I like the feeling you get when you know that you have done a good job and found a fantastic travel experience for a client. It’s very rewarding when they seem truly happy and excited about a trip you’ve planned for them.

My top travel picks.

I have visited many countries. In Europe and the UK, I’ve been to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Austria and Spain. Whether by coach tour, river or ocean cruise, train or car, there are so many ways to customize your holiday. Let’s look at some of my top destinations around the world!

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Burg Elitz.


There is no way to tour Europe and not be awestruck by the flair, history and dazzling arts and culinary diversity. I recommend that clients experience at least a coach tour or river or ocean cruise and be prepared to have one of the most special holidays of a lifetime. Where else on earth can you spend time visiting castles, cathedrals, museums, Christmas markets, wine country and some of the most famous culinary destinations all in one?

Insider tip: In the middle of September in Munich begins the world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival, brewing since 1810.



Hawaii has a special place in my heart and I bet it will make a special place in yours too. This stunning island has beauty and nature all around! Having the opportunity to see an active volcano up-close is unforgettable. I often describe Hawaii as the most beautiful place on earth.

Insider tip: Think twice about taking lava rocks home with you. It’s believed to be bad luck! Every year, hundreds of people send lava rocks back to Hawaii claiming they’ve been experiencing bad luck and apologizing for taking rocks that are native to the islands.

New South Wales.


Australia is a real favourite and offers a diverse experience. Consider the different terrains, tropical rainforests, coral reefs, snowcapped mountains, wine lands and national parks. Then, on top of these are cities and culture to compete with any destination.

Insider tip: Visit Bondi Beach in Sydney to experience a real, fun local vibe.