Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I enjoy the challenge of deciphering travel culture and finding solutions for eager clients. I strongly believe that travel is a world of education that should be accessible to everyone. Whether working with a modest or generous budget, I thrive on the rapport I develop with clients in customizing their vacation dreams for them.

My top travel picks.

During my youth and adult years, I have experienced and booked many different accommodations, resorts and events at Walt Disney World, for a total of 25 visits and counting! I find a new way to enjoy it each time I return and find it easy to convey this magical excitement to my clients. I also love New Orleans. The Culture and Historic architecture of the buildings in the French Quarter are truly mesmerizing. There is nothing better than walking down the streets and hearing jazz music at every turn while eating pralines and strolling through the quaint streets. While eating the sweet treats of New Orleans was enjoyable, there is much more to do, such as historical tours, ghost tours through the historic graveyards, shopping, dining and sightseeing in the bayous.

  • Pandora, Animal Kingdom, Disney Disney World, Orlando Florida.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Venice, Italy Venice, Italy
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Disney World, Orlando.


Known for its world class theme parks and impeccable service, Disney World is a safe and active retreat for the highest expectations of family fun and anyone who wants to rekindle childhood dreams. It truly is a magical place. The process of arranging and evaluating 25 unique visits to Walt Disney World has sharpened my insight of all the intricate tips and tricks for molding a memorable Disney vacation.

Insider tip: Work with a travel consultant to help you find the best deals. From dining plan options to hotel stays and where to find the best cupcakes, I can help you make the most of your Disney vacation without breaking the bank.

New Orleans.


Alligators, wild boars, turtles and some of the most interesting flora you’ll ever see awaits you on a tour through one of New Orleans’ many swamps and bayous.

Insider tip: Hats and sunscreen are a must, along with comfortable closed toe walking shoes.



Getting lost in Venice is a delight. The narrow streets and canals make them perfect for meandering about and just seeing what’s around the next corner.

Insider tip: Take a tour that winds along the Bridge of Sighs (also known as the Ponte dei Sospiri in Italian). It's one of the most famous bridges not just in Venice, but in the world.