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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

I enjoy helping people fulfill their travel dreams and providing them with experiences that they can share for a lifetime. Call me and let's see what adventures we can plan together for you!

My top travel picks.

I especially enjoy helping clients arrange their Caribbean getaways because I know they will love the warm weather, sandy beaches and local cultures. Here are some photos from just three of the beautiful spots I can help you visit.

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Mayan Tulum Ruins.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Mayan Riviera region of Mexico is named for the ancient Mayan sites that dot the coastline. One of the best preserved of these is Tulum, where a stone castle is perched on the cliffs over white sand beaches and turquoise waters.

Insider tip: Even if your main excursion of the day is to tour the ruins of Tulum, bring your swimsuit. The site is right on the coast, with a beautiful beach for cooling off when you're done exploring.

Centro Habana.

Havana, Cuba

Havana is a romantic city unlike any other you will ever visit. The lively capital of Cuba still has classic cars from the 1950s in everyday use on the colorful streets that are lined with historic, cultural and architectural sites. Soak up the salsa music and experience a genuine taste of old Cuba.

Insider tip: It's a good idea to bring plenty of Cuban cash. Most local vendors don't take credit cards and exchanging money isn't quite as easy in Cuba as it is in most other destinations.

St. Martin.

Kingdom of the Netherlands

This Caribbean destination is one of the world's smallest islands to be divided between two countries: France and the Netherlands. The culture and vibe are distinctly different on each side, and either way, you're never far from warm sandy beaches and clear blue waters.

Insider tip: St. Martin is located in a collection of beautiful islands including Saba, Nevis, St. Kitts, Anguilla and St. Barths. You can day trip over to these by ferry.