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Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

Travel is my passion and a constant learning opportunity. While I love to share my knowledge, there’s always something new to discover when someone returns from a trip we planned together and they share what they learned.

My top travel picks.

My favourite way to see the world is on a cruise ship. With stops at many ports along the way, every day is a new adventure. Check out my favourite destinations and let’s see where you want to go!

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Europe is, hands down, my place to visit. The continent is rich in culture and history and each country is unique and exciting. A Mediterranean cruise is an adventure you will never forget. Visit Italy and see the Colosseum and the Trevi fountain in Rome, marvel at the glitz and glamour and the fantastic views of Monte Carlo, visit the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and take in the Paris landscape from the Eiffel Tower. You will be amazed!

Insider tip: The Colosseum has long wait times and lots of stairs. Bring sunscreen!

Kalalau Trail.


There is no place in the world like Hawaii. Enjoy golden sand beaches, sapphire-blue ocean waters, lush natural beauty and warm hospitality. The Hawaiian landscapes are singularly breathtaking and include the world’s most active volcano, Kilauea. Hawaii has beautiful islands and national parks to discover as well as a rich cultural history.

Insider tip:  Visit during the off season to enjoy lower prices and fewer crowds.

Northern Lights.


Alaska has an otherworldly beauty. You’ll find incredible national parks, gorgeous glaciers, adventurous activities and breathtaking natural landscapes. The opportunities for wildlife viewing, including whale watching, are amazing and the area is rich in culture and history. Also, it’s a great place to see the Northern Lights.

Insider tip: Kincaid Park is a great place for wildlife viewing, including moose, lynx and bears, and it’s right in the city of Anchorage.