final test of Why do I love being a Travel Consultant?

Vacations are all about making everlasting memories. Having clients who want me to be a part of that and knowing that the advice I give helps them have the getaway they’ve been dreaming about is incredibly rewarding.

Personal travel helps me do my job even better and I try to get away as often as I can. The UK and the Caribbean have always been at the top of my list.

I must not forget New York City – what’s not to love? Whether you’re in Manhattan or any of the other four boroughs, you’ll easily find famous tourist sites, great places to eat and witness everyday New Yorkers just going about their lives. It really is the kind of place that caters to people with interests across the board – sports enthusiasts, art and music lovers, history buffs, fashionistas and foodies – you name it, you’ll see it in New York.