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Community Action

We are calling on drivers across the province to vote for Ontario’s worst roads. The goal is to raise awareness of the need for repaired and improved roads in our communities.

This year, in addition to the Ontario Top 10 list (see below), CAA is introducing a series of regional Top 5 lists. At the end of this year’s campaign, CAA will verify the roads voted for, publish the lists and share the and results with key influencers in Ontario’s provincial and municipal governments.

The 2014 Worst Roads campaign was one of the most successful in the program’s 11-year history, with more than 2,000 different roads across the province nominated. For the third year in a row, Dufferin Street in Toronto was voted the worst road in Ontario; it has made CAA’s Worst Roads list five campaigns in a row. To learn more about the Worst Roads campaign and how it has made a difference to Ontario roads, visit caaworstroads.com.

For many years, CAA has been calling on the provincial government to dedicate gas tax money to a permanent fund that municipalities can access in order to meet their infrastructure obligations.

CAA is also asking municipalities to prioritize the maintenance and improvements of road infrastructure.

Rank Road Name Municipality
1. Dufferin Street Toronto
2. Stanley Avenue Niagara Falls
3. Kipling Avenue Toronto
4. Finch Avenue West Toronto
5. Burlington Street East Hamilton
6. Bayview Avenue Toronto
7. Carling Avenue Ottawa
8. Markham Road Toronto
9. Lawrence Avenue East Toronto
10. Wilson Avenue Toronto

To hear what’s being said about the state of Ontario roads, watch this video.

Learn how damaged roads can cost you.

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For media inquiries, visit caaworstroads.com/contact-us.

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