Destination Information

We've put together some destination guides for locations around the world and close to home to help you research your next vacation.

Canada & USA Mexico, Central America & the Caribbean Europe Africa & the Middle East Asia, Australia & Oceania South America & Antarctica

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Travel Reports & Warnings

Before you leave the country, get travel information and alerts on global destinations. To continue, select your destination from the list shown below:

Complete List. All information provided by the Canadian Government website.

International Driver's Permit

International Driver's Permits allow travellers to drive in more than 150 different countries.

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Travel Insurance

Protect yourself before you leave the country - get reliable travel medical insurance coverage from CAA.

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CAA Travel Assistance

Unexpected situations can arise any time and anywhere. If you encounter an emergency while you're travelling, rest assured CAA's Travel Assistance service is there to help you. You'll be put in touch with a team of dedicated travel assistance specialists.

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Travel Documentation

Before you go, make sure you have the proper documents including a valid passport and travel visa, if necessary.

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