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Motor homes

The CAA motor homes plan is a stand-alone policy. Choose from a number of package options to ensure the right coverage for your investment. Planning a trip? All it takes is one phone call, and you can obtain immediate coverage up to $200,000.

Coverage Available:
  • Coverage extends to Canada and continental USA
  • Immediate coverage over the phone up to $200,000
  • Up to $2,000 coverage for emergency vacation expense
  • Specialized, expert 24-hour claims service anywhere in North America
  • Replacement cost coverage settles partial losses on a replacement cost basis (some conditions may apply)
  • $2 million personal liability coverage
  • Guaranteed replacement cost offered on vehicles less than five years old to the original owner (some conditions may apply)
  • Low $300 standard deductible “All Perils” coverage
  • Multiple payment options available in addition to monthly pre-authorized payments.

Vacation Trailers

The Lifestyles vacation trailers plan covers your travel trailer, 5th wheel trailer, tent trailer or truck camper on a stand-alone policy. To ensure your insurance coverage is right for your property, there are three packages to choose from, as well as an array of convenient payment options.

Coverage Available:
  • One call provides coverage over the phone
  • Personal property coverage included
  • Low $200 deductible
  • Includes emergency vacation expense coverage
  • Up to $5,000 golf cart coverage
  • Three package options: Standard, Standard Plus or Deluxe package
  • Deluxe offers replacement cost for units 14 years or newer, few exclusions, increased amount of emergency vacation expense coverage included
  • Year round occupancy coverage available
  • Coverage extends all across Canada and the continental USA
  • Expert 24/7 claims network anywhere in North America
  • Multiple payment options available in addition to monthly pre-authorized payments.

Types of motor homes / RVs We Insure.

Motorized Recreational Vehicles

Motorized Recreational Vehicles (RVs) combine transportation and living quarters within a single unit. They are built on (or an integral part of) a self-propelled motor vehicle chassis.

Class A: Conventional Motor home

The class A motor home has a bus-style shape and chassis. The lower end class A's are mostly front gas engine equipped, while more expensive ones have a diesel engine in the rear of the coach. At the high end of this class are the half million dollar models often employed by movie stars on sets, but the lower end still often costs no less than $65,000.

Conventional Motor home
Class B: Camper Vans

The Class B motor home is usually referred to as a Camper Van. The unit is built using a conventional van to which a raised roof is added. They provide basic amenities in a very compact space and are available with a wide variety of optional equipment.

Camper van
Class C: Mini-Motor Home

Class C Motor homes are sometimes referred to as a mini-motor homes, and are built on an automotive manufactured chassis with an attached van cab section. They are easily recognizable by their bed-over-cabin design and maximum length of around 30 feet. They are mostly gas powered and can sleep up to eight adults.

Mini-Motor Home

Towable RVs

These Recreational Vehicles are designed to be towed by a motorized vehicle and do not require the driver to obtain a special licence classification or highway movement permit.

Travel Trailers

Travel Trailers are sometimes referred to as a conventional travel trailers - units that are designed to be towed by a car, van or pickup by means of a bumper or frame hitch. The 18-foot and larger variety offers full bathroom facilities, including a separate shower and a fully equipped galley.

Travel trailer
Fifth-Wheel Trailers

Also known as “fivers,” they are often the vehicle of choice for most RV owners. Slide-out room extensions are common in the larger models, while some are even equipped with built-in washers and dryers. These two-level units are designed to be towed by a special hitch in the bed of a pickup truck.

Fifth-wheel trailer
Folding Camping Trailer

These lightweight units have sides that collapse for easy towing and storage. These units are also referred to as Fold Down Travel Trailers, Pop-Up Trailers or Tent Trailers and are popular with young families who desire the most cost-effective RV solution. They are often equipped with a pair of double beds (including a dinette-to-bed feature) and minimal cooking facilities.

Folding camping trailer
Truck Camper

These relatively inexpensive truck add-ons are a great solution for those who already own an appropriately sized pickup truck. Though there are drawbacks in terms of compressed living quarters, they offer a mobility solution that is not found in other towable RVs. For people who love to camp in many different areas and desire minimal prep time before traveling between sites, these are often the ideal solution.

Truck camper

Park Models

Park Models are available as either Model Trailers or Recreational Units. The former are built to RV specifications while the latter are built for seasonal use in a single location.

Park Model Trailer 102

The Park Model Trailer 102 is similar to a large conventional travel trailer and is designed to be towed by a special or heavy-duty tow vehicle. However, a special highway movement permit is not required, meaning that owners can use their SUV, minivan or pickup truck to tow the unit. They are designed for seasonal use and are built on a single chassis mounted on wheels. They require onsite-hookups to local utilities.

Park model trailer 102
Park Model Recreational Unit

These units are designed to facilitate occasional relocation, with living quarters for a temporary residence or seasonal use. As they are equipped with numerous appliances, they do require connection to on-site utilities for the operation of these appliances and all internal fixtures.

Park model recreational unit

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