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Why it's Important to Share the Streets with Vulnerable Road Users

With more Canadians walking and cycling these days, it’s more important than ever to remember to share the road

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4 Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Month

There’s so much to juggle these days, it’s important to make time for yourself

Auto Advice and Tips

Why Drivers Must Slow Down When Passing Tow Trucks

Road safety advocates are reminding drivers to slow down and move over for tow truck operators


5 Cool Archeological Discoveries From the Past Decade

These five incredible archeological findings changed what we know about the world—and even re-wrote history

Auto Advice and Tips
Two cars are shown racing at night on a purple background

How the Ontario Government is Addressing the Rise of Stunt Driving

Increasingly more drivers in Ontario have been engaging in excessive speeding and street racing

Travel Tips
An illustration shows a group of people celebrating. one holds a sign that says "60 Years" and a plane flies overhead

CAA Travel Celebrates Six Decades in the Industry

We speak to some of our most experienced travel experts about what they love about their job and what they’re most looking forward to when it’s time to travel again

Auto Advice and Tips
A woman rides her e-scooter on a city pathway

Why e-Scooters are Becoming so Popular in Ontario

A pilot program in Ontario provides safe parameters for operating an e-scooter

Two children are shown throwing bright purple powder at each other during Holi

How Other Countries Celebrate the Beginning of Spring

Learn about the often colourful and sometimes sacred ways cultures around the globe usher in the new season

Auto Advice and Tips
A woman drives while a dog watches from the window

Celebrate Earth Day by Practicing these Eco-Friendly Driving Tips

Driving is necessary for many people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be conscious of the environment when using your vehicle

Your Home
A man cleans his eavestroughs while up on a ladder

5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Weekend Checklist

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the inside of your home. Your roof, eavestroughs, windows and doors all could use a refresh, too.

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A sunset is shown in the background of a vineyard

How to get a taste of Kawarthas Northumberland

Think local craft beers, gooey butter tarts and farm-fresh ingredients from this beautiful Ontario region

A woman is shown listening to a podcast on her phone with large white headphones

These Travel Podcasts Will Help You Wander the World

Grounded travellers, prepare to be enthralled with this selection of audio adventures