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7 Important Things to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

Whether you’re updating your kitchen, remodelling your bathroom or finishing your basement, here are seven things to consider when meeting with a potential contractor

Auto Advice and Tips

Six Simple Ways to Save on Your Auto Insurance

Looking for ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars? It’s a good idea to review your vehicle insurance policy.

Travel Tips

What Are Travel Insurance Exclusions and Why Do They Matter For My Trip?

Travel insurance is essential for a stress-free vacation. Here’s how to check what your policy does and doesn’t cover.

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Top Mother's Day Gift Ideas to Show Them How Much You Care

Here’s how to show mom how much you care on May 8

Auto Advice and Tips
A close up of a hand that has lots of soap on it. The hand is holding up a soapy yellow sponge to the front lights of a red car. Other parts of the car have soap on it as well.

Summer Car Tips: Do These 11 Things to Ensure it's Road-ready

Simple tasks to fire up the engine on your seasonal vehicle

Best Road Trips
A close up of a row of red tulips, with many more tulips visible in the background. Behind the tulips are the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. There is a clock tower that is standing tall amidst the clouds. Atop the green steeple is a red and white Canadian flag with a red maple leaf.

Five Flower Festivals in Ontario That Are Worth the Drive

Discover colourful blooms on display at events across the province

Auto Advice and Tips
A close up of the side of a burgundy sedan. A view of a person wearing dark blue pants and a dark blue shirt with neon green stripes around the legs and on the short sleeve of the arm is visible. The person has gloves on and is leaning over the side of the car, next to the front tire. There is a white tow truck in front of the car.

What’s the Slow Down, Move Over Law and Why Is It Important?

This Ontario law requires motorists to give space to tow operators on the side of the road

Travel Tips
A family are standing at a lookout. There is a brick pillar that is a few feet high with wooden beams forming a fence on either side of it. In front of it is a metal fence. There is a man in a pink button-up short sleeve shirt, jeans and sneakers, a woman in a denim dress with a beige shoulder bag slung over her one shoulder. There are two small kids with them. There is a little girl in a backless pink dress with stripes, and a boy in black shorts, a red T-shirt and sandals. They are all admiring the view in front of them, which is of a river and trees.

How You Can Save on Your Taxes by Travelling Local in Ontario

Key information about the provincial tax rebate and how you can benefit from taking a trip nearby

Auto Advice and Tips
A close up of a road, which is marked with a white outline of a diamond and a white bicycle. There is also a yellow road marking next to the one white diamond, with a white bicycle outline on the other side of it. A blurred out bicycle and pair of feet can be seen riding in one of the lanes.

Six Ways Roads Are Getting Safer for Cyclists

From cycle tracks to bike boxes, here's what to look out for on the road this spring

Two people are running on a trail side by side. The woman is wearing a long-sleeved light grey zip-up shirt with knee-length leggings. She has a white hairband over her hair. She is wearing grey shoes with orange soles. Next to her is a man wearing a bright green v-neck short-sleeved shirt and ankle-length black leggings. He has on bright blue running shoes. There are trees behind them.

5 Ways to Get Started With Trail Running and Enjoy Nature

Embrace the outdoors on your run with these tips and accessories

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An overhead view of a pair of hands on a counter. There is a circular wooden cutting board with an artichoke cut in half on it. One hand is holding half of the artichoke, with the other hand holding onto a knife and cutting down the middle. Surrounding the cutting board are two halves of another artichoke, as well as some loose asparagus, parsley, radishes and kale. There is a small white container of salt and a bottle of oil in a clear glass container is also visible.

Sweet Spring Ideas and Savings You Won't Want to Miss

With warm weather upon us, it’s time to freshen up. Whether you’re updating your wardrobe, entertaining, cooking or tidying up, here are a few ways to make the most of the season.

Travel Tips
A woman with shoulder length blonde hair is staring into the distance. She is wearing a N95 mask. She has a pair of black earphones around her shoulders. She is wearing a teal backpack with grey straps, which she is holding onto with her hands. She appears to be standing in an airport. Behind her, overhead is a screen with a list of destinations and information that are blurred out.

Top Updates to Know About Canadian International Travel This Month

With travel restrictions constantly changing, it’s important to be aware of any rules that may affect your trip