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Driving High? It Could Cost You Big Time in Ontario

Cannabis-impaired driving is a growing concern, a CAA survey finds

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Do You Rent? Important Things to Know About Tenant Insurance

How to ensure your belongings are covered if you rent

Best Road Trips

Five Hidden Gems You Should See Across the Province

Be sure to visit these spots on your next drive

Travel Tips

How Non-Medical Coverage Can Help Protect You While Away

Taking a trip? Make sure you’re covered for non-medical issues too

Travel Tips
Two people walk across a crosswalk with painted horizontal white lines on the road. The one closest to the camera is wearing a long brown trench coat, black pants, black shoes and a black beret hat, and has long brown hair. Beside them is a person with a grey sweatshirt, black pants and black boots and has brown hair in a bun. They are holding hands. A line of cars is seen on the right side of the street behind them and historical architecture buildings surround. A glimpse of the Eiffel Tower is shown in the distance among green foliage.

Why the Right Coverage Is Important For Your Winter Vacation

See how trip cancellation and interruption insurance may help you

Auto Advice and Tips
Two square black and yellow signal lights attached to a grey street post with the pedestrian walk sign illuminated in white at the top. There is a second set of yellow and black signal lights facing to the right on the same pole. Behind is a row of red and white buildings and a high rise apartment.

How York Region Is Improving Pedestrian and Cyclist Road Safety

York Region, north of Toronto, is giving makeovers to junctions so they’re safer for cyclists and pedestrians

From the left: a Guelph police officer wearing his black uniform and hat with red and gold police emblem; Robert Graham, winner of the CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor Award, wearing a green polo and beige khaki pants, holding a triangular glass trophy and a plaque; a woman wearing  a grey and white speckled shirt and a black blazer; a Guelph police officer wearing her uniform and hat with red and gold police emblem as well as a chest protector with a radio, walkie-talkie, flashlight and keys. Behind them is a white brick wall and a dark blue and white CAA School Safety Patrol banner.

The CAA School Safety Patrol Supervisor of the Year Winner

A dedicated volunteer is praised for his efforts to keep kids safe in school zones

Your Home
A young woman with black hair in a bun wearing a striped blue and white apron and beige tank top smiles in the doorway of a grocery shop. You can see silver grocery carts on the left, a glass door with an open sign on the right and behind her are tables and shelves stocked with goods.

Made in Canada: Six Canadian Brands To Show Your Support

Feel good purchasing Canadian-made products

Travel Tips
A senior man and woman walk along a beach holding hands while knee-deep in a body of water. There are small waves coming in with white caps and the water is greenish-blue. The man is wearing blue swim trunks, no shirt and has short white hair. The woman is wearing a purple one-piece bathing suit, has short whte hair and is looking toward the water. You see a mountain spanning the horizon.

Top Six Questions Asked by Members About Travel Right Now

Here are the most common questions asked of our travel insurance associates

Auto Advice and Tips
A profile of the rear end of a red vehicle on the left, and a white vehicle on the right, including their back lights and trunk. They sit in a row of vehicles on either side, which are blurred.

How OMVIC Can Help You Spot Dishonest Sellers When Buying Used Vehicles

When purchasing a second-hand vehicle, make sure you know how to spot unlicensed sellers and buy from a registered dealer

Your Home
A man in a brown long sleeved shirt and beige pants with a shaved head and small beard and a woman in green knitted green sweater and gray pants with long brown hair sit on a white carpet smiling down at two children. One child is lying on the man’s lap looking upward at him and wearing green pants and a floral long sleeve shirt. The second child is sitting on the woman’s lap, wearing a white and orange log sleeve shirt and jeans and holding a brown dinosaur toy. In the background you see a brown entertainment unit with a TV and a black chair on the left with a pillow and blanket.

How to Ensure Your Home and Belongings Are Protected

Home insurance is essential to protect your property

Aquamarine-coloured thermal pools sit across a tapered hillside. There are small waterfalls flooding downward from pool to pool. A brown brick house sits on the top of the hill in the centre, which has a dirt road leading to it from the left. The area is surrounded by green vegetation.

Thermal Hot Springs in Italy—Three Breathtaking Sites to See

Discover these hidden hot springs tucked in the lush Italian hills