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Fun Things to do at Home this Winter

Eight cold-weather activities from across the country to enjoy this season, indoors and out

Auto Advice and Tips

What You Need to Know About Owning a Snowmobile

Everything a new snowmobiler needs to know—before hitting the trails

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The Best Ways to Stay Active During the Winter

Easy ideas from CAA Club Group’s wellness consultant for keeping fit even when it’s frigid outside

Auto Advice and Tips

How to Make Sure Your Car Battery Doesn’t Die this Winter

These expert tips will prevent your battery from dying once the mercury starts plummeting

A close up photo shows five thin sesame crackers on a table

Intriguing Winter Celebrations from Around The World

From solstice festivals to new year’s parties, these time-honoured rituals help warm up winter

Auto Advice and Tips
A snowy rural road is shown with a yellow caution sign that shows a car skidding

How to Safely Steer Out of a Skid

Four tips on how to get a grip on a slippery situation when driving during the wintertime

Travel Tips
A packed suitcase is shown on a bed while a woman does up its interior strap

Here Are Some Simple Definitions of Travel Insurance Terms

Helping you to understand the different terms used in your travel insurance policy

A family walks along a nature trail in the winter

Discover These Year-Round Scenic Trails in Ontario

Though it’s tempting to hibernate at this time of year, being outdoors can help you restore your energy, and these scenic hikes are sure to inspire you

A person is shown shovelling snow off of their sidewalk

How to Shovel Snow Without Hurting Yourself

Here’s how to prevent injury while you clear your driveway and sidewalk this winter

Auto Advice and Tips
A row of bike tires covered in snow is shown

How to Safely Ride Your Bike Through the Winter

These four tips will have you happily cycling through the snow

Auto Advice and Tips
The view through a car windshield is distorted to mimic the experience of an impaired driver

Why it’s Important to Avoid Cannabis-Impaired Driving

CAA’s latest campaign, “Do Anything But Drive,” cautions against cannabis consumption and driving

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A warm and inviting living room is shown

How to Choose the Perfect Paint Colours for Your Home

Pick the perfect palette for your home from calming shades to pops of colour