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How a Grade 6 Student From Guelph Kept His Community Safe

Suhaib Khtab Khalel was named CAA School Safety Patroller of the Year for his dedication amidst the Covid-19 pandemic

Auto Advice and Tips

Why Drivers Must Slow Down When Passing Tow Trucks

Road safety advocates are reminding drivers to slow down and move over for tow truck operators

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Protect Your Canadian Holiday With This Travel Insurance Plan

Whichever Canadian destinations you visit this summer, CAA Travel Insurance’s Canada Plan has the coverage you need

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Four Amazing Family-Friendly Ideas for Summer Fun

Make the most of the season with these fun activities and savings from CAA’s Rewards partners

Travel Tips
An illustration shows a group of people celebrating. one holds a sign that says "60 Years" and a plane flies overhead

CAA Travel Celebrates Six Decades in the Industry

We speak to some of our most experienced travel experts about what they love about their job and what they’re most looking forward to when it’s time to travel again

A bike in the centre of the frame with the green Bike Share Toronto logo on its rear wheel. Lake Ontario and some office towers can be seen in the background.

See Toronto’s Top Landmarks on Two Wheels

Discover Toronto’s top attractions by bike with this self-guided tour of the city

Auto Advice and Tips
An illustration shows the overhead view of a car on the road and the range of its sensors

Driverless Cars Are Changing the Way We Think About Automobiles

How CAA is staying on top of the latest advancements in autonomous vehicles

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A sunset is shown in the background of a vineyard

How to get a taste of Kawarthas Northumberland

Think local craft beers, gooey butter tarts and farm-fresh ingredients from this beautiful Ontario region

Best Road Trips
Three kids wearing sunglasses and straw hats are shown sitting in the backseat of a car

Best Ways to Plan a Kid-Friendly Road Trip

From routes with lots of rest stops to essentials for keeping kids occupied, we’ve got 6 tips for a fun journey

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A grey and white cat is shown lying on it's side with a black and white dog in the background

What you need to know about pet insurance

Pet insurance protects furry friends under a variety of circumstances, and provides you with peace of mind

Best Road Trips Sponsored story
Stone pillars are shown in the lobby of the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

Make a Luxury Hotel Your Next Road Trip Destination

Treat yourself to a decadent—and beautiful—place to stay after a scenic drive

A close up of a white alpaca staring at the camera, with other alpacas in the background eating and standing in the grass in a fenced in area.

How to Have a Summer Adventure Prince Edward County

Wineries, lavender fields, farm-to-table cuisine—there’s something for everyone in “The County”