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How CAA Helps Your Local Community and Puts Members First

Why does CAA routinely go above and beyond for Members? Because they are driven by good.

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Ontario School Buses Get New Lights To Improve Safety for Students

How the province is tackling dangerous driving around school buses

Your Home

Protect Your Pets From Poisons at Home—Six Top Prevention Tips

Learn what things around your house can be bad for your furry companions and what to do in case they become sick

Travel Tips

Travel Insurance: How to Ensure You're Protected While Away

Here are four things to take care of before your trip so you’ll rest easy throughout

A round mug with a spoon inserted, filled with coffee and white gelato sits on top of a brown saucer with a second spoon. The image for this Italian affogato is taken from above. It sits on the corner of a wood table on a blurred black and white, circular-patterned floor.

Six Must-try International Desserts to Keep You Cool This Summer

Try these icy snacks from around the world for a sweet escape

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On the left hand side, a hand with a black sleeve is holding out a key fob with three black buttons and one red button to another outstretched hand. Beneath them on a desk is a black clipboard with some sheets of paper clipped to it. There is a silver pen on top of the papers, and an orange toy car.

How OMVIC Protects Buyers by Providing Full Disclosure

It’s important to know the complete history of a used vehicle before you sign a contract. Here’s how OMVIC protects consumers by requiring full disclosure from a dealership.

A white sand beach with rolling hills and patches of green bushes and trees along a body of water. One person in black shorts dives head first with his arms up and legs extended into the water. A person with brown hair and red shorts heads toward the water along the sand. They are followed by two others, one in a black one-piece swimsuit with long blonde hair and the other in grey shorts with short black hair.

The Ultimate Beach Day in Ontario: What to Bring & Where to Go

Lake-bound this summer? Here’s what you'll need to bring and where to go.

Travel Tips
A person wearing a light blue, long-sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled up and white shorts is holding hands with a toddler who is wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt and shorts. The toddler is reaching for the hands of a baby wearing a white dress. Next to the baby is a woman in a black and white striped dress with a sun hat. All four people are walking on a sandy area. Next to them is the water.

Debunking Top 6 Myths About Travel Insurance

Debunking myths about coverage you may need while on vacation

Auto Advice and Tips
The back of a bright blue Mini Cooper hatchback vehicle with an Ontario licence plate sits parked on the side of a road next to a field. There is a row of parked cars along the curved street, which leads to a building complex in the distance. A woman is seen opening a car door ahead.

Ontario Licence Plate Renewals—3 Important Things to Know

Here’s why it’s still crucial to register your vehicle, even if there’s no cost

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Two large topiaries of raccoons. One raccoon is perched inside a barrel, while a second raccoon is squatting next to it. In front of them is a patch of red flowers, and a third raccoon that is lying on the ground and looking right at the camera. Behind them are tall, leafy trees.

New Summer Attraction in Quebec City Made Up of Six Million Flowers and Plants

Take a leisurely stroll through Mosaiculture’s lush topiary displays depicting the beauty and fragility of life on our planet

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On the left, a profile of the passenger door and mirror of a black car, driving on a street past several white vehicles on the right, which are blurry to show a fast rate of speed. Blurry trees can be seen in the background.

Stunt Drivers Beware: The Penalty for Speeding Has Gone Up

Ontario introduces new laws for street racing and excessive speeding

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The back of a woman is visible to the camera. She is wearing a low-cut turquoise dress and a honey-coloured straw hat. She has blonde hair that hanging around her shoulders. She is looking back at a expansive property that looks like a castle on the hill. There is a main beige tower with surrounding structures around it with dark peaks and turrets. Surrounding it are smaller buildings that are a mix of modern and historic.

Why a Stay at These Quebec Hotels Will Make Your Trip Memorable

Discover the infinite delights Quebec has to offer at Fairmont’s iconic properties