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Canada Day: Five Ways to Celebrate and Throw the Party

Happy birthday Canada! Turn up the tunes and get ready for a great True North celebration

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Test Your Knowledge and Win Tickets to the 2022 Honda Indy

The Honda Indy Toronto has a rich history. How much do you know about it?


The Best Four Eco-friendly Hotels You Should Stay at in Canada

These resorts incorporate green practices into every aspect of your vacation

Auto Advice and Tips

How Using the Dutch Reach When Exiting a Car Can Save Lives

Police say this technique can help prevent injuries to passing bike riders

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Two large topiaries of raccoons. One raccoon is perched inside a barrel, while a second raccoon is squatting next to it. In front of them is a patch of red flowers, and a third raccoon that is lying on the ground and looking right at the camera. Behind them are tall, leafy trees.

New Summer Attraction in Quebec City Made Up of Six Million Flowers and Plants

Take a leisurely stroll through Mosaiculture’s lush topiary displays depicting the beauty and fragility of life on our planet

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A woman with curly black hair, wearing a peach-coloured crop top and light coloured jeans is lying on a grey hammock with some purple in the corner. She is surrounded by plants on a small balcony, including clay planters with succulents with rocks.

Five Easy Ways to Create a Relaxing Outdoor Space At Home

Whether you have a large backyard, patio or tiny balcony, here are five ways to make it more inviting

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The back of a woman is visible to the camera. She is wearing a low-cut turquoise dress and a honey-coloured straw hat. She has blonde hair that hanging around her shoulders. She is looking back at a expansive property that looks like a castle on the hill. There is a main beige tower with surrounding structures around it with dark peaks and turrets. Surrounding it are smaller buildings that are a mix of modern and historic.

Why a Stay at These Quebec Hotels Will Make Your Trip Memorable

Discover the infinite delights Quebec has to offer at Fairmont’s iconic properties

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A side view of a man with a beard, wearing a black baseball cap and a bright blue shirt with his sleeves rolled up. He is holding a dark blue caulking gun with a pointed white tip up to a window on the side of a trailer, which is white with black stripes at the bottom.

How to Ensure Your Camper or RV is Ready for Summer 2022

It’s time to equip your camper for outdoor adventures

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A dozen people are standing around a rectangular table covered with a light pink plastic tablecloth. On the table are stacks of paper cups that have red or blue and white stripes, as well as solid red cups. There is a yellow chip bowl, as well as a glass container with a pink drink with slices of lemon in it. Also on the table is an open box of pizza and a slice of watermelon cut into triangles. There is a mix of people standing around the table, including adults and young kids. Some are holding drinks with striped straws in them, others are eating watermelon and pizza.

7 Great Games and Activities for Your Next Street Party

An easy how to guide on what to include in the festivities

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On the left hand side, a hand with a black sleeve is holding out a key fob with three black buttons and one red button to another outstretched hand. Beneath them on a desk is a black clipboard with some sheets of paper clipped to it. There is a silver pen on top of the papers, and an orange toy car.

How OMVIC Protects Buyers by Providing Full Disclosure

It’s important to know the complete history of a used vehicle before you sign a contract. Here’s how OMVIC protects consumers by requiring full disclosure from a dealership.

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A person with short, spiky blonde hair wearing a light green T-shirt is holding a red, hard-sided carry on suitcase with wheels. Behind the person are three other people who are not in focus. The two people directly behind him have long blonde hair and are each wearing large-brimmed sun hats. One of them is wearing sunglasses. Behind them, standing between them is a person with short silver hair wearing sunglasses.

Car Rental Travel Insurance in 2022—3 Important Things to Know

Crucial reasons to purchase it and what to consider about your coverage

Two people are walking side by side on a rocky beach. It looks grey and overcast. Behind them are tall trees in shadow. To the right side, are rock formations with moss growing on them.

5 Top Places to Explore the Sites on Vancouver Island

Adventure, fun and new experiences await on British Columbia's famed island