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Father of the Trans-Canada Highway: Five Fun Facts to Know

This road safety pioneer was a driving force behind everything from road signs to the Trans-Canada Highway


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The cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Childs stands wearing black cloaks and holding wands up in the air. Some shoot small bursts of fire, while the centre person has pink mist coming from his wand. Red, blue, orange and green banners of Hogwarts houses are seen hanging in the background.

Five Fun Facts About Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Experience the magic of the wizarding world

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A large, tall statue of a gladiator figure wearing a helmet, cloak, shirt, belt, pants and sandals with a strap wrapping around his shin to his knee. He is holding a long axe in front of him. You see the sun behind his head and the sky is blue.

Eight Larger-Than-Life Roadside Attractions to Visit in Canada

These eight statues are quirky, cool—and sometimes even creepy

A cooked red lobster sits with mashed potatoes, a small cob of yellow corn and a lemon on top of a black tray lined with a green and white checkered napkin. There is a small silver bucket seen to the right and a fork behind it. In the background you see another blurred tray of food.

Top Four International Food Destinations You Won’t Want to Miss

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The upper lights of a school bus. The school bus is yellow with the words school bus written in black capital letters in the centre front of the bus with two circular red lights on either side. There are three amber lights on the top centre of the bus. A horn is fixed to the top right on the roof. You can see the top of the front windshield at the bottom and a blue background behind.

Ontario School Buses Get New Lights To Improve Safety for Students

How the province is tackling dangerous driving around school buses

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A woman, two small children and a man sit on the back hitch of a truck, with the trunk door raised above, on a sandy beach. The woman on the far left has long blonde hair and is wearing an orange shirt, beige sweater and is barefoot. She is looking toward a child on her right, who wears her blonde hair in a ponytail and is wearing a pink and green sweater with jean shorts and is also barefoot. Next to her is a child with short brown hair, and a man with short brown hair, wearing beige shorts and a brown T-shirt. The man is looking toward the children in the middle and his back is turned. The truck is blue with red and white tail lights and a yellow licence plate. In the background there is a sunset of yellow and orange and a wooden fence with some greenery.

Why the Right Coverage Is Important on A Cross-Country Trip

Exploring the country? Make sure you’re covered on your next trip

Two people with soap on their faces and their hair up sit in a pool of light green water, laughing and hugging. You can see steam rising from the water and rocks in the background.

Wellness Retreats to Rest and Relax—3 Top International Spas

Looking for a little pampering? Book a stay at one of these lavish international spas.

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On the left hand side, a hand with a black sleeve is holding out a key fob with three black buttons and one red button to another outstretched hand. Beneath them on a desk is a black clipboard with some sheets of paper clipped to it. There is a silver pen on top of the papers, and an orange toy car.

How OMVIC Protects Buyers by Providing Full Disclosure

It’s important to know the complete history of a used vehicle before you sign a contract. Here’s how OMVIC protects consumers by requiring full disclosure from a dealership.

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Two people sit at a white iron table by a body of water, looking at a red and white book. There is a small evergreen plant behind them. The one on the left has short, white hair and is wearing a green floral scarf and a dark green cardigan. They are holding a glass of white wine. The person on the right has short brown hair and is wearing a striped brown top and a pleated light brown sweater. They are both smiling and looking down at the book. There is a second glass of white wine on the table alongside an analog camera. In the background you see a blurry green iron bridge stretching over the body of water on the left as well as the building behind.

Taking a Cruise in 2022? What to Know Before You Hop Aboard

With cruise operations resuming around the world, here’s what travellers should know