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Five Tips for Walking Your Dog Properly on a Leash

From reducing pulling to introducing your pet to another dog, here’s how to ensure every walk is a good one

Auto Advice and Tips

How CAA’s Mobile Tire Change Can Help You Save Time

Let CAA’s expert technicians come to you to swap your tires

Best Road Trips

Four Ways to Have an Autumn Adventure

Head outdoors for a fall road trip to admire the changing leaves and enjoy hiking, corn mazes and more

Travel Tips

Ready to Get Back to Travel? Here’s How to Make Your Next Trip More Meaningful

How the pandemic has changed travel—for the better

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A man with silver hair wearing an unbuttoned short-sleeved blue shirt with a white T-shirt underneath and khakis dancing with a young girl on his feet. The girl is wearing a white T-shirt, grey leggings, a pink tutu skirt and blue and orange striped socks. Her blonde hair is in a ponytail and she has a silver tiara on her head.

9 Times in Your Life That You May Need Life Insurance

Even if you don’t have kids, a mortgage or a business, you may still need life insurance. Here are nine reasons why.

Auto Advice and Tips
Side profiles of two blurred cars against a purple background. There is a silver car in the background, and a black sedan parallel to it with its headlights on.

6 Things You Need to Know About the New Stunt Driving Laws

From steep fines to lifetime driving bans, Ontario now has harsher penalties for street racing and excessive speeding

Travel Tips
A woman with wavy grey hair wearing a grey suit with a white blouse wearing red framed glasses and a mask. She is holding a blue travel mug in one hand with her tickets. On one shoulder she has a black laptop bag. Her other hand is placed on the handle of a suitcase.

How to Read and Understand the Terms in Your Travel Insurance Policy

If you’re planning to travel this fall or winter, it may be time for a refresher on travel insurance terms—especially if you have a medical condition

Two people walking through a worn down path of fallen leaves. They are each wearing backpacks, walking next to each other along a trail with trees on both sides with leaves that are bright yellow.

Discover Ontario’s Top Trails for Hiking, Biking and Birdwatching This Fall

Breathe in that crisp autumn air as you explore Ontario’s many trails for hiking, biking and birdwatching

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A woman is hugging a dog with black, light brown and white fur is looking into the distance. The dog's mouth is open with its long tongue sticking out and showing a mouthful of teeth.

4 Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe and Healthy

From animal-proofing your home and garden to staying up-to-date on preventative care, here’s how to make sure your furry friend stays healthy

Auto Advice and Tips
A man sitting in a car with one hand on the wheel looking through his front window. It is dark outside and there are spots of orange light reflected in his front dash.

From using their lights properly to taking it slow, here’s what new drivers need to know about staying safe on the roads

Travel Tips
Three people, two adults and a young school-aged girl, each wearing masks are walking. A man, in an olive green sweater is rolling a grey suitcase behind the little girl. A woman wearing glasses is pushing a cart filled with three suitcases stacked on top of each other.

Travelling During Covid-19? Here’s How to Stay Safe

From researching entry protocols and travel insurance to making sure you can access PCR testing before your return, here’s what you should do before, during and after your next international trip

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A smiling woman with long wavy brown hair is in side profile. She is holding a puppy that has a mix of white and dark and light brown turn with its nose touching her nose.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Adopting Versus Buying a Pet?

If your family is on the lookout for a furry new member, here’s what you need to know about adopting a rescue pup versus buying from a breeder