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Best Road Trips

Make a Luxury Hotel Your Next Road Trip Destination

Treat yourself to a decadent—and beautiful—place to stay after a scenic drive


Expand Your Knowledge of Indigenous Culture in Canada

Learn more about the Indigenous experience through first hand accounts from storytellers, journalists and artists

Auto Advice and Tips

How to Prepare Your Car So It’s Ready for Summer

Warm weather can take a toll on your car, just as cold weather can. Make sure you perform a seasonal maintenance check to ensure your vehicle is running smoothly.


Transport Your Tastebuds Around the World with These Picnic Ideas

Recreate the magic of international travel with authentic snacks and drinks from around the world. No passport required!

Your Home
A cat is shown sleeping next to a person wearing stripped socks

4 Important Ways to Take Care of Yourself this Month

There’s so much to juggle these days, it’s important to make time for yourself

Auto Advice and Tips
A pair of hands are positioned over the front passenger side wheels. One hand is placed on the rubber part of the tire, and the other hand is on the rims.

Three Important Things to Know About Your Tires

Extend the life of your car with these tire tips

Auto Advice and Tips
Two cars are shown racing at night on a purple background

How the Ontario Government is Addressing the Rise of Stunt Driving

Increasingly more drivers in Ontario have been engaging in excessive speeding and street racing

Auto Advice and Tips
A woman is shown in the driver's seat on a sunny day

The Best Ways to Save on Auto Insurance

Here are six easy things you can do to lower your car insurance rates

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An overhead photo of four people sitting on a red checkered blanket on the grass having a picnic. They have a cut watermelon in front of them with two other plates of food, as well as individual yellow bowls in front of each of them.

Four Amazing Family-Friendly Ideas for Summer Fun

Make the most of the season with these fun activities and savings from CAA’s Rewards partners

Auto Advice and Tips
A woman on a bike stands next to a lake with a cityscape in the background

Big Changes are Coming to Toronto’s Streets This Summer

The city is planning to build bike lanes and close major roads in a push towards greener and healthier modes of transportation

Two black dogs play with a white ball on the grass

5 Tips to Have a Fun and a Stress-free Visit to the Dog Park

Expert advice on a successful visit to the dog park—for you and your pooch

A woman is shown listening to a podcast on her phone with large white headphones

These Travel Podcasts Will Help You Wander the World

Grounded travellers, prepare to be enthralled with this selection of audio adventures