Cannabis impaired driving.

With the legalization of cannabis, CAA continues to work with the government to ensure road safety is a top priority.

Winter driving.

Ontario winters mean frigid temperatures, abundant snowfall and poor driving conditions. Prepare yourself for the road ahead with these helpful tips.
Pot hole on an empty road

CAA Worst Roads.

This campaign gives you a voice to help improve road conditions in communities across Ontario.
School safety bus patroller.

CAA School Safety Patrol® program.

Our children are safer thanks to the 20,000 CAA School Safety Patrollers on duty across the province. Click here to learn more.

We are celebrating 90 years! Were you a former CAA  School Safety Patroller? We'd love to hear from you! Click here to read more. 

Cycling on bike lane

Cycling safety.

As more Ontarians rely on both cars and bikes to get around, we need to do our part to share the road.
Tow truck driver with tow truck in background

Know your rights.

Consumers have rights when they need a tow.