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Josephine Matyas

Josephine Matyas Writer

Josephine Matyas is an award-winning freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors and travel that leaves a small ecological footprint. She also writes about lifestyle and culinary topics, but specializes in travel pieces. “Combining wanderlust and writing is a way to feed my addiction to travel, new places and interesting people,” she explains. Soft outdoor adventure, history, music and wild places around the world are topics she never tires of exploring. Together with her musician/writer husband, she is now researching and co-writing a travel guide to the Delta blues, the roots of American music.

A view of the lake and town of Seneca Falls through naked branches

A Holiday Trip to Seneca Falls, N.Y.

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Sandwich with pickles and ketchup

Eat Your Way to Florida

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Sand dunes

Driving to Florida? Don’t Miss these Must-See Attractions Along the Way.

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