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What Your Favourite Sports Car Says About You

Have a thing for classic ’stangs or temperamental British coupes? Here’s our (cheeky) Freudian analysis.

Red classic Mustang standing still

Classic Mustang your thing? You may be stuck in the past.

From classic American muscle cars to finicky Italian roadsters, there’s a sports car out there for every personality. And being the amateur psychoanalysts that we are, we’ve noticed that some rides speak volumes about their fans.

Your favourite sports car: Triumph TR7

What it says about you: Good looking but famously unreliable, this temperamental coupe was made for people who never take the easy way out. After all, why spend a beautiful Saturday out driving when you could be sitting at the mechanic’s? 

Your favourite sports car: Ferrari 458 Italia

What it says about you: With a nasty habit of spontaneously bursting into flames, this Italian supercar is the perfect ride for risk takers. We’re talking about the kind of person who wouldn’t let a five-alarm inferno interfere with a night at the club. 

Your favourite sports car: Classic Ford Mustang

What it says about you: As a teen, you saw Steve McQueen in Bullitt—his 1968 Mustang GT doing all kinds of awesomeness—and you understood the meaning of cool. Your kids say you’re living in the past and ’Stangs aren’t hip anymore. They are wrong.

Your favourite sports car: Bugatti Veyron

What it says about you: With 1,000 horsepower and a top speed of 400 kph, this car screams that you’re in touch with your animal side. Fuel economy, trunk space, civility—you don’t have time for those artifices of modern society.

Your favourite sports car: Original Acura NSX

What it says about you: Preening in sultry—and finicky—Italian steel isn’t your thing. You just want a car that will go fast, handle well and not leave you stranded on the side of the highway. So you’d buy a Honda.

Your favourite sports car: Mercedes 300SL

What it says about you: You are a lover of beautiful things, a connoisseur of form, someone who will throw practicality out the window in favour of aesthetics—and a downright sexy pair of gull-wing doors.