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A view of a white sailboat on a calm, blue lake between trees with red and yellow leaves.

Putting The Toys Away

Proper care and winter storage means a fresh start next spring for your recreational equipment

A blue and purple sky filled with stars, over a field.

6 Dark Sky Preserves Across Canada

’Tis the season to escape light pollution and marvel at celestial wonders

On the left, a small, short-haired brown and black dog wearing a black harness holds his paw up to his owner’s hand on the right. The owner has a beard, is holding a piece of food in the other hand and is wearing a dark green toque, light blue polo shirt with a green jacket and dark blue shorts. They are seated next to a body of water, which is lined with green evergreen trees. Beside them on a stump sits a cup. There is the top of a yellow kayak seen on the far right.

Camping With Your Dog? Six Ways to Have the Best Trip Outdoors

Adventure, fun and new outdoor experiences await with your four-legged friend

A white sand beach with rolling hills and patches of green bushes and trees along a body of water. One person in black shorts dives head first with his arms up and legs extended into the water. A person with brown hair and red shorts heads toward the water along the sand. They are followed by two others, one in a black one-piece swimsuit with long blonde hair and the other in grey shorts with short black hair.

The Ultimate Beach Day in Ontario: What to Bring & Where to Go

Lake-bound this summer? Here’s what you'll need to bring and where to go.

There are two people on the water on paddleboards. There is a man wearing grey shorts, a black T-shirt and a black and yellow life jacket. He is kneeling on a white and blue standup paddleboard, holding a black paddle that is partly submerged in the water. Behind him, several feet away, is a woman with long blonde hair, wearing a black baseball cap and black shorts, and the same black and yellow life jacket. She is standing up on her white paddleboard and is smiling at the camera with her sunglasses on.

Six Top Tips to Know Before You Take Out Your Paddleboard This Summer

A guide to get started with this low-impact water sport

Two black dogs play with a white ball on the grass

5 Tips to Have a Fun and a Stress-free Visit to the Dog Park

Expert advice on a successful visit to the dog park—for you and your pooch

A close up of a small dog with light brown and grey fur on the face and black fur on the majority of the body is on a thin black and white leash. He is walking outside.

How to Protect Your Pet Against Six Common Outdoor Illnesses

Here’s what to watch out for and how to keep your animal safe while venturing outside

Two people are running on a trail side by side. The woman is wearing a long-sleeved light grey zip-up shirt with knee-length leggings. She has a white hairband over her hair. She is wearing grey shoes with orange soles. Next to her is a man wearing a bright green v-neck short-sleeved shirt and ankle-length black leggings. He has on bright blue running shoes. There are trees behind them.

5 Ways to Get Started With Trail Running and Enjoy Nature

Embrace the outdoors on your run with these tips and accessories

Two people walking through a worn down path of fallen leaves. They are each wearing backpacks, walking next to each other along a trail with trees on both sides with leaves that are bright yellow.

Discover Ontario’s Top Trails for Hiking, Biking and Birdwatching This Fall

Breathe in that crisp autumn air as you explore Ontario’s many trails for hiking, biking and birdwatching