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Illustration of red and purple sneakers beside blue water bottle, all in front of various plants

Active Escape: 3 Heart-Thumping Vacations and How to Prep

We talk to fitness experts about the best ways to train for your next-level trip

Yelow 1994 Subaru Impreza driving down a dusty dirt road at the Canadian Rally

Ready to Rumble: Inside Canadian Rally

Success in rally driving and navigating requires skill, precision and teamwork. But its most important ingredient is a love of loud, dirty fun.

A man, woman and child skate hand-in-hand down a snowy path in Arrowhead Provincial Park while wearing bright cozy winter jacks, hats, gloves and snow pants

A Local’s Guide: Winter Activities

The 10 best places to get outside and embrace winter in southern Ontario

Blue and light brown illustration of camping gear including a puffer jacket, thick gloves, a tent and waterproof winter boots

The Beginner’s Guide to Winter Camping

From gear to skills, here’s a 101 to get you prepped

On a beautiful sunny day in Algonquin park, a man walks down a wooden boardwalk among tall green grasses with a woman and child holding hands walking behind him

Trail Blazing in Algonquin Park

Hikes for every level, along with some spectacular views

Group of adults kayaking

5 Summer Camps for Adults

Who says your camp days are over? Zombies, dinosaurs and art: here’s a look at options for the child in all of us.

Dad showing child how to fish

6 Gadgets to Take on Your Next Camping Trip

From portable showers to propane-powered coffee makers, these items will make your next foray into the woods a breeze

A man in a blue shirt and a woman in a tank top lie in the grass at night, the woman pointing up at the sky

Best Places to Stargaze in Canada

From Wood Buffalo National Park to Kejimkujik National Park, here are the best places to go in Canada for prime stargazing

A woman in a blue tank top and leisure shorts and a man wearing a large red hiking backpack with sleeping gear hike in a woody area

Planning a Hike? Don’t Forget These Essentials.

Read on to learn why it pays to splurge on a quality jacket and the right kind of socks, and other helpful tips

Rider in motorcycle gear

Drool-Worthy Motorcycle Gear

From a heated jacket to an LED-emblazoned helmet, here are our top sartorial picks for the summer