Buck 65 Shares his Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

The Canadian hip-hop singer—real name Rich Terfry—grooves to Iggy Pop and The Yardbirds when he’s behind the wheel

Buck 65

Rich Terfry is an incurable record collector. An alternative rapper and the host of CBC Radio 2’s Drive, he has more than 45,000 albums. So when we asked him for a half-dozen of his favourite road tunes, he did what collectors do—he went a little overboard. 

“On the Road Again” by Canned Heat
Pretty much the perfect driving song. Every time I hear the song, I want to get behind the wheel.

How Much Can You Take” by M.C. A.D.E.
A classic Miami Bass song and always a great test of a car’s sound system. It’s a city driving song, for sure.

Digital” by Joy Division
This one just sounds like going fast. 

Cherry Red” by The Groundhogs
This is the muscle car equivalent of a classic rock song. You’re going to want to roll your windows down for this one.

Train Kept a-Rollin’” by The Yardbirds
This song makes me want to go and never stop. One of the best riffs ever, if you ask me.

Lovin’ on My Mind” by Arsen Roulette
Rockabilly music is generally great for driving, and this is one of my favourite rockabilly songs. It’s unstoppable.

Cars” by Gary Numan
Pretty self-explanatory, I figure.

Give Me Back my Wig” by Hound Dog Taylor
I have memories of great drives associated with this song. I’ll always think of driving in Las Vegas.

The Passenger” by Iggy Pop
Perfect for driving at night, especially under a starry sky.

Let There be Drums” by The Incredible Bongo Band
I feel like I’m in an action movie when I hear this one. The song sounds like gears shifting.

“Open Eye Signal” by Jon Hopkins
This song sounds like it was made in a really fast car. If you run out of gas, this song will keep your car running.