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A Caucasian hand elegantly holds a radiant red iPhone, its screen illuminated with the vibrant display of the Shell app. The app screen is alive with a tantalizing array of national, regional, and in-store offers. A beam of hard light illuminates the scene, creating a dramatic contrast of stark shadow against a monochromatic, light red backdrop.

Shell on the Road

Make the Shell app your road-trip partner

Two adventurous cyclists navigate a sandy trail along a serene beach or lake shoreline, with tufts of green grass punctuating the sand. A vivid blue sky overhead, lightly speckled with wisps of clouds, adds to the tranquility of a bright, sunny day.

Six Spectacular Bike Trails Across Canada

Find the best views the country has to offer, all on two wheels

A person wearing an orange and black winter jacket, black helmet and black snow pants rides a black snowmobile in a snow-covered field lined with evergreen trees. Snow sprays from behind it.

Five Top Tips to Plan An Epic Snowmobiling Trip in Ontario

Five tips for an epic snowmobile adventure this winter

Two people stand in front of a large festive white and gold weaved star. You can see them through the center of the star, one wearing a red and black beanie with a pop-pom, a plaid green coat and black pants. They are smiling and reaching out toward the star. The second stands close, wearing a green and black hat with a pom-pom, a black coat and gray pants.

Ontario’s Best Winter Festivals You Should Visit This Season

Embrace the snow and ice at these fun outdoor events

Four Indigenous people sit in a teepee. From the left: a drum and drumstick being played, a man with dark brown hair and white shawl singing and playing a small drum, a woman with brown hair in two braids, wearing pink and handling a red garment, a young woman with brown hair in a ponytail, wearing a white blouse and mustard overalls with fringe and moccasins, handling a white garment. There is sunlight streaming in from outside from an opening on the right.

Five Hidden Gems You Should See Across the Province

Be sure to visit these spots on your next drive

A large, tall statue of a gladiator figure wearing a helmet, cloak, shirt, belt, pants and sandals with a strap wrapping around his shin to his knee. He is holding a long axe in front of him. You see the sun behind his head and the sky is blue.

Eight Larger-Than-Life Roadside Attractions to Visit in Canada

These eight statues are quirky, cool—and sometimes even creepy

Aerial view of the 1000 Islands in Kingston, Ont. You see lush greenery and trees on the islands, which are scattered across a blue body of water. The sky is light blue with white clouds, which is reflected in the water.

Kingston and 1000 Islands: Things to Do to Enjoy Your Time

Here’s what to see and do on your next road trip

Three siblings in back seat of car

Best Ways to Plan a Kid-Friendly Road Trip

From routes with lots of rest stops to essentials for keeping kids occupied, we’ve got six tips for a fun journey

A close up of a row of red tulips, with many more tulips visible in the background. Behind the tulips are the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa. There is a clock tower that is standing tall amidst the clouds. Atop the green steeple is a red and white Canadian flag with a red maple leaf.

Five Flower Festivals in Ontario That Are Worth the Drive

Discover colourful blooms on display at events across the province