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An overhead view of St. Lucia. There are mountains covered in greenery on the left side, and at the bottom centre are differently coloured buildings, and beyond that is the ocean.

The Best Places to Visit for Snowbirds

Snowbird season is just around the corner—time to skip town for a warm, sun-drenched destination

A single shark in the ocean, with two small fish swimming near it.

The Best Place to Cage Dive With Sharks in Canada

Looking for an action-packed vacation? Turn to eco-tourism and try your hand at immersive shark conservation.

Two people holding glasses of craft beer, clinking the glasses together in a toast, in front of a park on the waterfront.

5 Fall Festivals Across Canada

Here's a roundup of fall festivals for those in search of the finest beer and wine near you.

A collage of various bags from the brand Pacsafe, including a blue backpack, a pink crossbody bag and a smaller blue crossbody bag, all on a white, blue orange and pink background.

How to Protect your Valuables with Pacsafe

Travel in style and keep your belongings safe with Pacsafe’s best-in-class, anti-theft bags. Members enjoy exclusive pricing at CAA Stores and online.

An overhead image of an open, black suitcase on a grey floor, with its contents spilling out. Contents include silver slide-on slippers, an open notebook, a beige sun hat with a black ribbon, a black clutch purse, a camera, a black lipstick tube, blue denim shorts and a blue striped shirt, a small spray bottle and small tube of lotion. On the lefthand side, there is a houseplant with green leaves that hover above the suitcase.

Travel Safe with CAA Travel Insurance

Ease your worries before heading out and make sure to pack travel insurance with you for your next trip.

Five Snow Adventures to Have In Quebec This Winter

Here are five fun winter activities to embrace the cold weather

A blue and white train with a wooden roof travels along the tracks on the side of a rocky cliff speckled with green evergreen trees and foliage on the right. There is a large turquoise blue body of water to the left and a mountain range in the distance.

Canadian Rail Travel—Three Tours You Won’t Want to Miss Out On

These three Canadian rail tours will make for an unforgettable trip

A young woman with long blonde hair wearing a white face mask, denim jeans, white T-shirt and striped blue and white open-buttoned dress shirt sits on a black and silver chair in the airport. There is a wheeled suitcase in front of her and a window on the right, which she is looking at over her shoulder.

How Non-Medical Coverage Can Help Protect You While Away

Taking a trip? Make sure you’re covered for non-medical issues too

A profile view of a blonde haired woman standing in front of two escalators, wearing a light blue mask and a white sweater with the sleeves pushed up to the elbow and a grey backyard with brown straps. She is holding a cell phone and passport with a boarding ticket inserted inside in her left hand.

10 Top Summer Travel Tips To Keep In Mind in 2022

What to consider when planning your next vacation