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How to Take Better Pictures with Your Camera Phone

Make the most of your phone’s in-camera features with these helpful tips.

A couple pose for a selfie with water and mountains in the background

Good news: you don’t need a complicated (or expensive!) camera to take frame-worthy photos. Smartphone cameras have come a long way—and there are also several easy-to-use features that make getting that perfect shot a breeze. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn how to open your camera app instantly

Smart phones have a hot key or swipe gesture that will open your camera app without having to unlock your phone, which ensures you don’t miss any action. Find out how it works with a tutorial specific to your phone’s model.

Use a grid to help frame your shots

Most camera apps have a grid line overlay. Activate it to help keep the horizon straight and ensure unimportant elements don’t dominate.

Try burst mode

If you’re trying to capture an image with movement (for example, people jumping or animals prowling), burst mode allows you to take many photos at once instead of relying on your own timing.

Tap your screen to focus the camera

This way, it’s looking where you are. Bonus tip: If a person or animal is your subject, always focus on the eyes.

Don’t forget video

Camera phones allow you to capture sound and movement, too. Take advantage of both still and video capture to tell the full story of your travels.

Never use pinch and zoom

This will only make your final image smaller, effectively losing detail. Instead, think about getting closer or using a clip-on third-party zoom lens.

Go beyond filters

You can edit photos right from your camera app. Think about making shadows deeper for a moody feeling or saturating a sunset to really make the sky pop.

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