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Protect Your Trip with the Right Travel Insurance Coverage

If you’re making plans for your next adventure, be sure to protect your entire trip with the right travel insurance plan

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Covid-19 has changed the world and your travel insurance coverage may have changed as well. The coverage you have through your credit card and employee benefits may not be sufficient or there may be limitations, which means that additional coverage may be necessary. Here’s what you need to know.

Protecting you from the unexpected

Travel insurance protects you in the event of medical emergencies, travel advisories, cancelled or missed flights and weather delays—but only if you have the right coverage. Partly covered isn’t the same as being fully covered.

If you rely on travel insurance through work or a credit card, trip cancellation and interruption insurance coverage is often limited to a specific amount per passenger and may not cover the full cost of your trip. And they likely don’t have a “cancel for any reason” benefit like the one CAA offers.

Review any existing coverage you may have

Do you know whether you need to book your trip with your credit card company to be eligible for travel insurance coverage? And who would be covered, just the card holder and for how many days? Be sure to review your credit card policy to see what it includes.

To review whether you have adequate coverage, CAA has a credit card checklist that you can go over with your provider.

OHIP won’t cover everything

Many Ontarians also presume that the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) will cover their medical expenses if they’re travelling interprovincially or internationally. While OHIP still provides basic coverage for interprovincial travel, not everything is included, such as ambulance services or prescription drugs. This is why the Ontario government strongly recommends that Ontarians purchase supplemental travel insurance for your upcoming trip outside of Ontario.

Protect your entire trip

Supplementary travel insurance can help to fill the gaps and provide coverage that OHIP, your work benefits or credit card don’t protect.

CAA’s emergency medical plans now include coverage for Covid-19-related illnesses. Plus, if you need a plan that has it all, CAA’s vacation package plans combine both medical and trip cancellation and interruption insurance, plus additional benefits.

Find a plan to protect your needs

If you’re still unsure about whether you’re fully covered, talk to a CAA Travel Insurance expert at your local CAA store or visit CAA Travel Insurance online. You don’t need to be a Member to get CAA Travel Insurance, but Members save 10 percent off.

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