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4 Jet Lag Cures

Here are some easy, all-natural ways to ease into time zones

A man cozied up in a blue fleece blanket sleeps against a grey pillow, a soft blue eye mask cover his eyes

You were up early (or late) to catch your flight, made it to the airport on time, cleared customs and have safely landed at your destination with your luggage in hand. All in all, a successful journey. Now, how to beat jet lag so you can make the most of your trip? Forget guzzling coffee, there are simple natural steps to help your internal body clock (a.k.a. circadian rhythms) adjust to a new time zone. To learn more, we spoke to Joy McCarthy, holistic nutritionist and best-selling author of Joyous Health

Load Up On H2O

You already know to drink water once you’re onboard, but do yourself a favour and have a few glasses before and after your flight. “The single most important factor to help you get over jet lag, boost your energy and get your digestive system on track is to ensure you drink plenty of water,” explains McCarthy. A common flying ailment, dehydration results in headaches and fatigue.

Match your Meals to your Destination

Snacks and in-flight meals might be tempting, but it’s best to avoid them if you’ve got a long, nighttime flight ahead of you. Instead, McCarthy recommends sleeping and “starting the day in your new time zone with a breakfast that includes protein, good fat and complex carbs.” What in particular? “A great choice would be a vegetarian omelette, or a smoothie with a protein powder and lots of veggies and fruits,” says McCarthy.

Tire Yourself Out

Once you arrive, go for a walk and explore your surrounds. Even if it’s the last thing that you want to do when you arrive at your destination, you’ll thank yourself later for getting some exercise. “Exercise is a fantastic way to boost your energy and help tire your body out, especially if you’ve travelled to a new time zone and are wired when you should be tired,” explains McCarthy. If you think you’re going to have a hard time falling asleep, try exercising in the early evening. This will ensure that you get the sleep you need, allowing your body to rest and regenerate.  

Skip the Stimulants  

Instead of sleeping pills and caffeine, take a softer approach to resetting your body clock. For a burst of energy, McCarthy looks to green superfood powders when she’s feeling fatigued and has a busy day ahead of her. Try mixing them into juice or a smoothie. There are always easy ways to help ensure a peaceful rest. “Melatonin can be beneficial for helping get your circadian rhythms in check. And to reduce stress and induce a restful sleep, magnesium powder in water at night before bed is a wonderful natural solution,” says McCarthy.