Quiz: Are You Polite When You Travel?

See how high you can score on fraught questions of international interpersonal relations

Quiz: Are you Polite When You Travel

You’re a seasoned traveller, but how familiar are you with international etiquette? Should you slurp your noodles in Japan? What’s the one thing you should never do while waiting in line in Britain? Take this quiz to see how much you really know.


0–3 correct answers: Keep the nearest Canadian embassy on speed-dial. You’re an international incident waiting to happen!

4–7 correct answers: Well done. You can safely travel most places without worrying about causing a diplomatic row.

8–10 correct answers: Congratulations! You’re a cultural chameleon—you can fit in anywhere.

Challenge your globetrotter status

If you consider yourself a world traveller, test your smarts about our home planet with this quiz that spans from New Zealand to Turkmenistan.

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