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Warm Up to Fall with These 5 Unusual Drink Ideas

Lower temperatures have all of us reaching for a mug of something comforting

Looking down at hands of person sitting holding a cup of coffee

There are lots of ways to get cozy this time of year besides sipping a pumpkin spice latte. Here’s what the rest of the world brews up on a cool autumn day.

Eastern Europe: Kompot

Illustration of glass with pink kompot garnished with a slice of lemon

Just-harvested fruit is simmered with water and sugar, then preserved in jars. Berries and quince are often used in this Eastern European favourite.

Korea: Persimmon punch

Illustration of glass of orange-coloured Korean persimmon punch with cinnamon stick

This sweet Korean drink is made with dried persimmons and served cold. But cinnamon and ginger flavours give sujeonggwa a warming quality.

China: Ginger soy milk

Illustration of glass soda bottle filled with soymilk

Dipping temperatures mean it’s time for a ginger variant of this traditional Chinese soybean beverage. It’s typically served warm in a classic glass soda bottle.

Austria: Sturm

Illustration of glass mug with white wine and a bunch of grapes

In Austria, the autumn grape harvest brings this fizzy, low-alcohol wine made of freshly fermented grape juice. It must be consumed shortly after production.

Holland: Herfstbok

Illustration of glass of beer next to bottle of beer

Herfst means autumn in Dutch, and this darker, caramel-coloured beer from the Netherlands is made from fall’s first malt harvest.

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Image credit: Maria Shanina/Unsplash and illustrations by Tonwen Jones