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Why Pet Insurance is Smart

Pet insurance protects furry friends under a variety of circumstances, and provides you with peace of mind

A grey and white cat is shown lying on it's side with a black and white dog in the background

Whether your pet is a purebreed or a rescue, insurance is something that every pet owner should consider.

“Emergencies, injuries and critical or severe illnesses unfortunately can happen and are not easy to predict or plan for,” says Dr. Karyn Jones, owner of Ajax Animal Hospital. In fact, according to CAA Pet Insurance, you are more than twice as likely to make a claim on your pet insurance policy than your home or auto insurance policy.

Pet insurance plans—such as ones available through CAA—offer a range of coverage. Here are the most commonly used benefits.

Accidents and illnesses

Much like their human counterparts, pets can have an accident or suddenly become sick. If the unexpected happens, such as your dog or cat eating something they shouldn’t have, pet insurance can help cover the costs of diagnostic services, X-rays, overnight hospital stays and even surgery.

Tests and medication

A vets hands are shown putting drops into a dog's eyes

If your vet can’t immediately identify what is upsetting your pet, additional tests may be required. Having pet insurance can help offset those costs, as well as cover any medications that may be prescribed to treat your pet.

Dental coverage

Ensuring that your pet’s oral health is important too, which could mean having their teeth professionally cleaned. Dental coverage could also cover extractions and even root canals.

Prescription pet food

A woman puts down a pink bowl of food for her small white dog

Some pets may have health conditions that require them to go on a special diet. Prescription pet food is typically only available through your vet’s office, and insurance can help offset the cost.

Medical devices

Pets sometimes may require medical aids, such as ramps, wheelchairs and prosthetics to improve their quality of life. Insurance might cover part or the entire cost of such equipment for your pet.

Exam fees and taxes

A man reads through some papers while petting his caramel-coloured dog

Check if exam fees and taxes are covered by the specific insurance policy you are considering, as some plans may some require the owner to pay for these expenses.

Behavioural therapies for pet anxiety

Some pets may experience separation anxiety when they are away from their owners, or display aggressive behaviour towards other people or other animals. Depending on your policy, behavioural therapy may be covered to help treat your pet’s condition.

Paw-some pet insurance coverage

Whether you are thinking of getting a pet or already have one, CAA Pet Insurance offers plans for furry family members between the ages of eight weeks and eight years for dogs or 10 years for cats. Click here to learn more about CAA Pet Insurance and to get a quote today.

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