3 Quick Tips for Getting Your Car Out of Snow

Jordan January 03, 2013

If it’s never happened to you, chances are it’s happened to someone you know. During periods of heavy snowfall, it’s not uncommon for vehicles to lose traction and get stuck. Pressing down on the accelerator leads to nothing but wasted gas, and you’ve found yourself trapped, frustrated and alone. Don’t worry – here are some handy winter driving tips to help you escape winter’s slippery clutches:

Slow and Steady

Most peoples’ first reaction is to try and rev their engine hard enough to force their way out – bad idea. It’s very important to not to do this! Spinning your tires will only dig them deeper into the snow and possibly even cause damage to your vehicle.

stuck in snow. CAA winter driving

Take your time; rushing can often make things worse!

Try the following instead: put the car in the lowest gear possible and try to back up slowly. Stop. Then move forward slow and repeat the process. With any luck, that rocking motion will help the car gain traction.

Getting to the source

If the above fails, get out of the car (making sure that you’re in park and have the emergency brake on) and try to clear out the excess snow around your tires. The goal here is to try and increase traction by removing as much snow and slush as possible.

Car stuck in snow

The source of the problem

Here’s a tip: carry a bag of sand, kitty litter or even old pieces of cardboard and place them under whichever tires are powered by the engine (usually the front). This is a great, easy way to get some additional pulling power beneath your wheels. If you’re out of options, you can also use your floor mats.

If all else fails…

Pull out your cell phone and call CAA! We’ll send one of our friendly roadside service technicians over to winch you up and pull you out of whatever snowy trap Old Man Winter has ensnared you in. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so no matter when you get stuck, we’ll be there to help tow you out.

CAA help for winter driving

Help is on the way!

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