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Earth Day: 10 simple ways to make a difference.

Rodrigo Cokting April 22, 2017
Hands holding leaves and a glass miniature globe on top of green grass.
Today is Earth Day!

The internationally-celebrated day brings together millions of people across the world in small activities that add up to make a significant change for our planet. Planting trees, changing lightbulbs and proper garbage disposal are just a few of the easy things anyone can do at home (and can continue doing even after Earth Day is done).

Earth Day tips.

  1. Recycling is an important way to minimize the impact our waste has on the environment and is a great and simple habit we can continue practicing all year-round. Approximately 92 per cent of Canadian homes have access to a recycling program. Even better, according to Stats Canada, close to 100 per cent of the homes that have access, make use of it!
  2. The average North American meal travels almost 2500 k.m. before it finds its way to your plate. Think about how that affects emission gases. Eating local and seasonal food is the perfect alternative. You can save money and eat better while you’re supporting local farmers.
  3. By composting organic waste we can all help reduce the amount we are sending to landfills. Composting also helps keep soil nutrient-rich, holds moisture and naturally fertilizes. It’s a win-win.
  4. Consider drinking tap water. Plastic water bottles are estimated to account for only 20 per cent of landfills but can stay there for hundreds of years before decomposing. Even when plastic bottles are recycled, they’re often shipped abroad for processing which is ultimately an environmentally-unfriendly practice.
  5. Think about your electronics. Recycling them is a really important step but always make sure “smart electronics” aren’t storing your information before you drop them off. Don’t forget that batteries should also be disposed properly at collection sites (like libraries) and not thrown into the garbage.
  6. First introduced in 1970, experts estimate than somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year with millions of bags sitting in landfills. What’s worse, many of them end up fatally affecting our wildlife. Next time you’re shopping, don’t forget to bring your own bag.
  7. You don’t need a hybrid vehicle to be an eco-driver. You can significantly reduce your fuel consumption just by making small changes to the way you drive like keeping tires properly inflated or servicing your vehicle regularly.
  8. Change the light bulbs at home. Energy-efficient light bulbs use up to 80 per cent less energy and can last up to 25 times longer. That isn’t just eco-friendly, it’s great for your wallet as well! Green spaces are incredibly beneficial to the environment from helping to reduce soil erosion to stopping heat buildup. They can also help filter out pollutants and dust from the air. Do your part to expand green spaces.
  9. Spread the word! Whether it’s sharing this story on social media or just chatting with your children after school, talking about environmental issues (and easy solutions) is one of the most important things you can do for our planet. Together we can do our part to make sure Earth Day isn’t just a single day in a year.

Do you have any important tips we didn’t share? Make sure to write them in the comments. How do you do your part on Earth Day?