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Five Ontario Road Trips That Will Make You Feel Like You’ve Travelled the World

Deidre Plotnick March 25, 2021
Niagara on the lake
Come spring, many of us start craving some type of travel. Though the vaccine rollout is underway, international travel is still discouraged. That means travel lovers are going to have to get a little creative. Why not get a little taste of the world right in your own backyard? Here are five Ontario road trips that will make you feel like you’re travelling the globe.

Niagara-on-the-Lake is like a charming 19th-century town in England.

Niagara-on-the-Lake’s main tree-lined street has historic buildings and quaint shops similar to those of an English village. Step back into history at nearby Fort George, dine at exceptional restaurants, see world-class theatre once the Shaw Festival resumes. And then there’s the wine. The surrounding area is home to 39 wonderful wineries. Join one of the bus tours that follows the wine route and feel like you’ve journeyed to Napa Valley, California.
People on main street in Niagara on the Lake.

Follow the purple road and imagine you’re in Provence.

Take a trip along the purple road and explore brilliant vistas of purple lavender fields reminiscent of Provence, France. Wander through more than 30 lavender farms, explore shops for lavender-themed keepsakes and feel as if you’ve journeyed somewhere in France for the day.
Kneeling man taking photos in Ontario lavender field.

Flowerpot Island is like a trip to see the Twelve Apostles in Australia.

Why travel to the land down under when there’s an incredible rock formation that’s way closer? Set your GPS to Fathom Five National Marine Park and explore majestic “flowerpot” rock pillars, caves and crystal-clear azure waters. Even getting there is part of the adventure; book a glass-bottom boat from Tobermory to ferry you to the island.
Flower pot rocks at Flowerpot Island Ontario.

Cyprus Lake Grotto is kind of like Italy’s Blue Grotto, but you can swim in this cave. 

Italy may have its famous blue grotto, but Georgian Bay has Cyprus Lake Grotto, which actually looks like it’s glowing when it’s sunny. Bring your bathing suit because you can swim and snorkel inside this massive cave that was carved over thousands of years. Accessing the stunning cave will take you on a gorgeous hike along the Georgian Bay Trail.
Cyprus Lake Grotto in Georgian Bay.

Get a taste of the tropics in Port Dover.

Head to Port Dover along Lake Erie, where the beach is lined with imported swaying palm trees to complete the tropical vibe. Besides the warm waters and silky sand, there’s a scenic pier, lighthouse and watersports, all just a two-hour drive from Toronto.

Young boy splashing in water at Port Dover Ontario.
Before you head out on your road trip, be sure to check each destination for any travel advisories. Talk to CAA Travel experts about where to stay and visit along the way. Make sure your car is in travel shape too: check fluid levels, tire pressure (ensure winter tires are off) and put an emergency kit in your trunk. Also, check on your auto insurance. If you reduced your mileage use during the pandemic, you may need to adjust your auto insurance before your trip. Want to know whether you have the right insurance for your needs? Get a complimentary policy review from CAA Auto Insurance. Happy trails!