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Five Car Care Tips to Do Every Spring

Deidre Plotnick March 28, 2022
Family seen through car window washing car

Caring for your car each season won’t only help your car last longer, it will also keep you safer. As Canadian drivers, we all know what to do when winter approaches: we put on winter tires, check our car battery and change fluids in preparation for the frigid temperatures ahead. But do you know what to do once the weather warms up again? Here are five car-care tips to remember each spring.

1. Swap your winter tires for summer ones.

When temperatures consistently stay above 7 degrees Celsius, it’s time to swap your winter tires for summer ones. Those hot summer roads can cause the soft rubber tread on winter tires to change shape, creating more resistance and less grip. Accelerating, cornering and braking can all be compromised as a result.

Don’t have time to visit the garage? CAA Mobile Tire Change service comes to your driveway and even includes a complimentary battery check while they’re there. CAA Members enjoy savings, plus if you’re a CAA Auto Insurance policyholder, you save even more.

Need summer tires? Pirelli Tires1 are a great option and CAA Members enjoy rewards when purchasing them.

CAA technician changing winter tires in driveway

2. Wash winter off your car.

During the great Canadian winter, salt is everywhere — on streets, highways, sidewalks and driveways. That salt can lead to rust on your car, so you’ll want to wash it off. Throughout the winter, wash your car’s exterior when there’s no risk of your locks freezing. Salt deposits continue to corrode in summer, so if you didn’t wash your car during winter, wash it at the first sign of spring. Do-it-yourselfers can find car-cleaning essentials here.

For added protection, consider getting a rust-control application from a trusted professional. CAA Members save on Krown services and products1, so that’s a good place to start. Keeping rust away leads to fewer maintenance issues, longer car life and a higher resale value. It’s even good for the environment since rust-free vehicles can be recycled.

Father and son washing navy SUV

3. Check your fluids.

There are six types of fluids you should check each spring. Here’s why.

  • Engine oil. Motor oil lubricates your car engine. Letting it run low can lead to costly engine damage.
  • Radiator fluid. If you notice fluid isn’t near the top of the coolant tank, top up with antifreeze. That way, your engine won’t overheat and cause engine damage.
  • Transmission fluid. If you notice small particles or a burnt smell, have a professional replace the transmission fluid to avoid costly engine damage.
  • Power-steering fluid. If your steering wheel seems a bit sluggish, check the power-steering reservoir under the hood. Top it up for maximum steering response.
  • Brake fluid. Does the fluid look dark and opaque? Is the fluid level lower than half-inch from the top of the cap? If so, top it up to keep your brakes responsive.
  • Windshield-washer fluid. Bug season is around the corner, so be sure you have enough fluid to keep your windshield clean. You no longer need the de-icer of a winter fluid. Warm-weather windshield-washer fluid is formulated to tackle bug-splatter and give you a streak-free shine.

4. Clean out all that stuff you collected over the winter.

Cups, tissues, wrappers and receipts have a way of collecting in cars. So, take a few minutes and clean out your door pockets, console, cupholders and trunk. Then, stock your car with COVID-19 protection essentials, including disposable masks, wipes and hand sanitizer. To keep everything in its place, consider investing in a handy car organizer.

Three kids cleaning car interior

5. Check on your auto insurance.

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