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Six Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get Your Home Organized

Deidre Plotnick April 13, 2021
Mom organizing closet with two sons.

While you’re spending so much time at home, you may be noticing the clutter around you more. Now is the perfect time to do a little spring cleaning to get your home more organized. Decluttering is easier than you may think. Just follow these six steps:

Step 1: Make a plan
Step 2: Do a surface sweep
Step 3: Clear the floors
Step 4: Start making piles
Step 5: Find a place for everything
Step 6: Do your paperwork

Step 1: Make a plan. 

If the thought of organizing your home feels overwhelming, think smaller. Tackle one room at a time or decide how much time you want to spend organizing each day. Whatever path you take, reward yourself with a little something whenever you finish a room.

Woman tossing shirt while organizing closet.

Step 2: Do a surface sweep. 

Uncluttered countertops naturally make your place look bigger and more organized. Think about what you really need on your kitchen counter, night table, desk or bathroom vanity. If you don’t reach for it regularly, put it out of sight.

Step 3: Clear the floors.

Next, get as much as you can off the floors. This is where hooks and racks come in handy. Put shoes on a rack inside a closet, hang big baskets from the ceiling for toys, put hooks on the back of cupboard doors for purses and sports racquets and turn your bicycle into art by hanging it on a wall.
Pregnant woman folding baby clothes.

Step 4: Start making piles.

Use three large bags for trash, donations and giveaways. Move clockwise around a room, placing things into the appropriate bags. With less stuff around, it will be easier to get – and stay – organized. As you sort, make a list of where a basket or drawer organizer might be useful. Don’t worry about folding things neatly yet; that comes next. You’ll need to buy those drawer and cupboard organizers first.

Step 5: Find a place for everything.

Now comes the fun part: organizing your drawers, closets and shelves. In your closet, organize clothes by type, grouping like colours together. In drawers and cabinets, group similar things into piles. In your bathroom this might be cosmetics and/or hair products, where the kids play these might be puzzles and toy cars, in the garage these may be things like light bulbs and extension cords. Indigo, Linen Chest, Bouclair have stylish nesting boxes, plastic and wire containers and even cloth baskets which are pretty enough to display, while helping keep things together and organized. ThinkKitchen has nifty storage jars, containers and even specialized items like onion storage bags. Bonus: CAA Members earn savings and/or rewards when buying these online. 

Woman organizing towels in baskets.

Step 6: Do your paperwork.

Once your belongings are organized, move on to your mail, magazines and important papers. Get a filing cabinet (CAA Members earn rewards online at Staples) to file receipts, bank statements, bills and insurance papers. Use this opportunity to check that no policies have expired and that you have proper coverage in place. Start by seeing that you have the right home insurance for your now-very-organized home. CAA Insurance offers complimentary policy reviews and you don’t have to be a CAA Member to get one. 

The time you take to get your house organized will be time well spent; an organized home will make you feel more productive and in control. You’ll also have a safer house: there will be less chance of somebody tripping over some of that clutter.

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