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Make the grade with these must-have tech accessories for school.

Jordan August 13, 2014
Two students doing homework on a laptop.

Gone are the days of scribbled notes and hand-written reports; today’s students can research, write and even submit their projects without even touching a pen and paper! The switch to digital has enabled today’s tech-powered youth to not only access more and more information, but keep it better sourced and organized with the help of online encyclopedias and modern word processors.

The downside? Technical issues and slowdowns. Any 10+ page assignment is going to require plenty of research and drafts, which can easily translate to over 20 website tabs and 3 or 4 open documents. Older computers might choke under the pressure, so it’s important to send your future graduate off with something they can rely on.

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Without further ado, here are five must-have tech accessories for school.

A second monitor.

You might not realize it, but just about any laptop can be plugged into a full-sized monitor. For students, the added screen real estate can really help, especially during intense research sessions with multiple browser windows and word processors.

Portable bluetooth speaker.

Today’s Bluetooth speakers are affordable, lightweight and powerful. Wirelessly connect your smartphone for an impromptu dance party or keep your speaker connected to your laptop for some extra oomph to your audio. Study sessions are always better with a little background music!

Laptop bag.

University and college students carry a lot from class to class; laptops, chargers, keys and books only scratch the surface, so it’s important that they keep their daily necessities secure and organized. Modern backpacks feature convenient storage compartments, proper supports and durable construction; if your current model doesn’t stack up, it might be time to upgrade.


Distractions can get in the way of productivity, so it often helps to turn down the outside world by turning up the music. A new set of high-quality headphones will come in handy time and time again, so make sure to pick up a quality set.

WiFi printer.

If your new student is splitting a house or apartment with their classmates, why not split a printer too? WiFi-enabled printers are easy to set up across multiple computers, which means fewer cables, lower electricity consumption and the ability to split the cost of ink refills!