Beach Holiday Musthaves from CAA

Miriam Porter April 18, 2019

Whether you want to relax under a palm tree, walk along the sandy shore, or swim in the aqua waves, these beach travel essentials are perfect for your next vacation.

Tilley TOY1 Women’s Audrey Sun Hat.

This high end Tilley TOY1 Women’s Audrey Sun Hat is the only hat you need at the beach. The Toyo Hat is certified UPF 50+ (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) so you will receive maximum sun protection with the stylish broad brim. What actually began as rice paper is now a fashionable beach sun hat that includes a secret pocket and moisture wicking sweatband.

SKU Number: 1001142



Austin House 3-Piece Packing Cubes.

Organize all your beach essentials with these handy Austin House 3-Piece Packing Cubes. These convenient and durable black and white cubes help maximize luggage space and the top mesh panel is breathable and allows you to see what’s inside without opening them. Each cube comes with a convenient handle and is washable.

SKU Number: 1003951



Austin House 3-Piece Travel Pouch Set.

If you are spending the day at the beach and need to bring small items that you don’t want to get sandy the Austin House 3-Piece Travel Pouch Set is perfect. This black and white set of three versatile travel pouches will keep your jewelry, make-up, and phone chargers safely tucked away. Each pouch has a top zipper for easy access.

SKU Number: 1003953


White Caftan With Black Floral Embroidery.

Every colour of swimwear will match this classic White Caftan With Black Floral Embroidery cover up. It’s the perfect accessory for long walks along the shore and will keep you looking stylish when you post your vacation photos for friends and family.

SKU Number: 1005907


Pacsafe Slingsafe® LX200 Anti-theft Compact Tote.

If you are combining your beach day with city tours or island sightseeing you may need to bring additional items with you. That’s when the Pacsafe Slingsafe® LX200 Anti-theft Compact Tote is your new best friend. If you are travelling for work you will love the padded laptop sleeve and dual-release security buckle to keep your computer safe. It also comes with a slashguard strap and is RFIDsafe™ to prevent cards from being scanned. It comes in black or tweed grey to easily match your beach gear.

SKU Number: 1002650



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Happy shopping for your next beach holiday!