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Ask CATS 4: The benefits of windshield sealants in all seasons.

Guest Contributor February 08, 2016
Close up of hand scraping ice from windshield.
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We’d like to thank our automotive detailing expert, John Tewogbade of DetailnPlasti, for helping out with this edition of Ask CATS.

Ask CATS #4: What is the benefit of a windshield sealant?

When driving in the snow, rain, sleet or slush, windshields can develop a thin transparent gritty film that causes water to sit on the glass and impair vision. A windshield sealant prevents this from happening and can also cover the tiny pits and scratches from everyday wear and tear that can trap water and snow to create a dangerous veil between you and the road.

While windshield wipers and washer fluid can improve visibility, windshield sealants create a slick waterproof barrier over the glass at a microscopic level. Sealants can be synthetic or ceramic, and they reduce friction on glass surfaces, causing water to bead up and roll away. The use of washer fluid and wipers becomes more efficient as the non-stick sealed surface is easily cleared without streaking. As an added bonus, ice scraping is made easier since ice can’t stick to a sealed windshield.

Synthetic windshield sealants require monthly application, while ceramic sealants cost more but only need one application per season. Proper preparation by a professional is key to the efficiency of a windshield sealant. We recommend seeing an authorized automotive detailer to ensure that your sealant will work correctly all season long.

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