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Seven Tips for Planning an Eco-conscious Getaway

Many people are eager to travel more sustainably. Here are seven ways to ensure you are mindful of the environment on your next vacation.

A man is standing facing some cascading waters off of rocks. There are lush green trees in front of him. He has his arms outstretched, as if embracing the scene. He is wearing a straw hat with a button up plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up and khaki shorts and a black backpack.

Planning an eco-friendly vacation is different from booking an all-inclusive trip. The journey in this case is just as important as the destination and the goal is to leave virtually no sign that you were ever there.

With more people concerned about the environmental impacts of travel, here are seven tips to help you plan a greener getaway.

Pack light

The lighter your luggage, the fewer resources it will take to transport it, which means lower carbon emissions.

Take only what you need and pack a sustainable travel kit, which may include items such as reusable cutlery and a quick-dry towel.

Choose an eco-hotel

The number of eco-friendly hotels is increasing. These establishments practice greener operations, which may include more responsible use of electricity, reductions in waste water, strategic eco-friendly locations and programs to promote beach or forest preservation.

Avoid disposable plastics

Plastic bags and water bottles can take hundreds of years to degrade. Instead, pack reusable bags and a refillable bottle that holds hot or cold beverages.

Shop and dine locally

Experience the resident culture and cuisine and reduce your carbon footprint by browsing local shops and restaurants.

Select souvenirs wisely

Avoid buying anything made from animals, especially endangered species such as ivory or coral.

Avoid private transportation

Instead of hailing a cab to get where you want to go, use shared public transportation. You’ll cut down on carbon emissions while you chat with the locals.

Consider camping

Camping is a sustainable form of travel. If your next adventure involves a road trip, consider camping along the way and be sure to leave your campsite exactly as you found it.

Use beeswax paper to cover food as a plastic-free alternative. If you’re washing dishes, use biodegradable soap and properly dispose of the dirty water in a nearby outhouse or utility sink.

When it comes to travelling sustainably, there are many things to consider. Your mode of travel, choice of accommodation and behaviour along the way can make a big difference when it comes to enjoying a greener getaway. Every little bit counts.

Plan ahead

A CAA Travel Consultant can help you plan your next trip away and ensure you’re booking with a reputable company who is making efforts to be mindful of the environment. They can also ensure your travel insurance policy is up-to-date and that you’re protected if you need to suddenly cancel. Visit CAA Travel Insurance for more information.