How to drive auto insurance savings your way.

Deidre Plotnick August 04, 2020
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If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for smart ways to bring down costs – especially on bigger ticket items. Unfortunately, this usually involves a lot of time shopping around. Happily, when it comes to saving on your auto insurance, CAA Insurance1 has a few ideas to share.

Start with a complimentary policy review from a licensed Insurance Agent.

Dig out your current insurance policy and get a no-obligation policy review from CAA Insurance. This complimentary service is available to everyone, regardless of whom your insurance is with. You read that right: you don’t even have to be a CAA Member to get this.

Discuss the following options with your Insurance Agent.

  1. Given your current mileage, could you change your vehicle policy from daily to pleasure use?
  2. How much would you save by lowering your coverage a bit?
  3. How much would you save by raising your deductible amount slightly?
  4. Could you save from bundling your home and auto insurance?
    Tip! Bundling your Auto and Home Insurance through CAA can save you up to 17.5%2.
  5. Are there any memberships/affiliations you have that would save you money?
    Tip! While you don’t have to be a CAA Member to get CAA Auto Insurance, CAA Members save up to 20%2 on insurance (in addition to all kinds of other valuable perks and benefits).

If you don’t drive a lot, explore a pay-as you-go insurance like CAA MyPace™.

As Canada’s first pay-as-you-go insurance program, CAA MyPace is a usage-based insurance payment program for people who drive less than 9,000 km a year. It lets you pay a base rate plus coverage in 1,000 km increments.  If you’re currently with another insurer, the savings you would get from CAA MyPace may be significant enough to warrant switching midterm. Plus, you can move to a traditional CAA Insurance policy with no fees or penalties at any time.

Don’t miss out on any rate reductions being offered. 

CAA Insurance is currently providing a 10% rate reduction on all new and renewing CAA Auto and Home insurance policies throughout Ontario. Find out more about how our rate reductions could benefit you.

Stack all your discounts.

Ask your Insurer if you can combine all discounts being offered. For instance, the CAA Insurance 10% rate reduction can be combined with all other cost-savings offered by CAA Insurance for savings like these.3

  1. Jane pays a $3,000 premium for her CAA Home and Auto Insurance. She saved 5% on her auto insurance and 12.5% on her condo insurance by bundling. She now saves $300 off her annual premium with the 10% rate reduction.
  2. Peter has auto insurance with CAA Insurance, covering one car. He saves $160 off his annual $1,600 premium. 
  3. Ryan is a low-mileage driver with a CAA MyPace policy. He saved 40% by switching from his traditional insurance policy. He now saves $100 more on his $1,000 annual premium with the 10% rate reduction. 

Ready to take the first step to finding auto insurance savings? Start with a complimentary policy review. Talk to a licensed CAA Insurance Agent at: 1-877-468-6222.

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