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Distracted Driving

Promise to focus on the road
Safe driving requires focus and concentration, but common distractions make it all-too easy to lose sight of what matters most - the road. We urge you to talk to your friends and family about the dangers of distracted driving. No distraction is worth a life. Make them a promise to focus on the road.

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Government Relations

Tap into the power of CAA's Membership
CAA has been advocating on behalf of our Members since 1903. The Government Relations team represents the interests of CAA Members to municipal and provincial governments, community groups and stakeholders.



Slow Down, Move Over
CAA supports the recent Making Ontario's Roads Safer Act and is pleased at the recent extension of Slow Down, Move Over legislation to include tow trucks.




CAA Autogreen

Helping Members become more eco-friendly drivers
We find it nearly impossible to live without a vehicle but we also know fuel emissions are harming our environment. Find out what steps CAA and its Members are taking to drive greener.




CAA School Safety Patrol Program

Keeping kids safe for 80 years
The CAA School Safety Patrol program is a joint effort between CAA, the police, school boards, teachers, parents and more than 25,000 dedicated student volunteers.






Traffic Safety

Helping to keep roads safe for drivers and pedestrians
Every motorist has the responsibility to drive safely and respect the surrounding environment. CAA has been an advocate of safe driving practices for more than 110 years. Find out more about our Traffic Safety initiatives:




Worst Roads

Improving our roads
In Ontario alone, poor road conditions lead to thousands of collisions, injuries and deaths each year. That's why CAA continues to take action with our annual list of the worst roads, as voted by you.