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Cannabis is second only to alcohol as the drug most frequently found among drivers involved in crashes and drivers charged with impaired driving. It is also the drug most frequently mixed with alcohol usage in vehicle crashes.

Cannabis edibles.

When consuming edibles (cannabis that has been cooked or baked into food), it is important to take your time and plan ahead. That is why CAA has launched a new campaign to remind drivers that if you’re going to take an edible, do anything but drive.
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The initial effects can be delayed, depending on the amount of edibles you have ingested and their level of THC. After consuming an edible, stay in a safe, comfortable place where you can wait for the high to hit.

Effects of cannabis while driving.

The most common misconceptions out there are that cannabis doesn’t affect your driving ability or that it can actually make you a better driver. Though the severity and length of these effects varies whether cannabis is inhaled, ingested or applied through topicals, the reality is that driving while under the influence of cannabis can affect your:


Puzzle pieces


Bounce back

Reaction Time

From a to b

Ability to pay attention and judge distances

Make a decision

Decision-making ability

Know what impaired driving is.

What is the law?

In Ontario, it is illegal to operate any type of motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Watch Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP and Teresa Di Felice of CAASCO discuss impaired driving laws and roadside testing for cannabis.
Cannabis and car keys

Penalties for impaired driving. 

  • Penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or a combination of, include a loss of licence, vehicle impoundment, monetary fines and many more once convicted.
  • There is a zero tolerance approach for alcohol and drugs for young, novice and commercial drivers.

Plan a safe way home.

Many illegal and prescription drugs can impair a person’s capacity for driving by reducing the ability to divide attention and allocate concentration. It can also result in poor time and space management. Make sure you’re prepared with alternate ways to get home.

You have options:


Designated driver

Have a designated driver

Call someone

Call a friend or loved one

Cab taxi

Call a cab, rideshare or take public transit


Stay over and sleep it off