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Kids keep our neighbourhoods buzzing with energy and joy. Let’s keep them safe on our roads especially, when they’re travelling to and from school. CAA considers school zone safety to be one of our top priorities. Our communities are always changing, as are the way kids move about their days. Today, nearly three quarters of kids are driven to school. This includes travelling by school bus, car or public transport.

Pedestrian safety is in the driver’s seat.

Pedestrian safety begins with drivers. Kids are always watching and modelling behaviours they see from us.

Demonstrate your safe driving habits:

  • Drive slowly and cautiously through school zones, residential areas and any other area where children may be on the move.
  • Wait until pedestrians and crossing guards are safely on the sidewalk before proceeding.
  • Always use designated drop off and pick up areas, even if that means waiting a moment until those areas are clear.

That school bus carries precious cargo.

There are over 830,000 children in Ontario that rely on school buses.

  • The Safer School Buses Act mandates that all school buses manufactured after 2005 have the amber-red light warning system.
  • Amber flashing lights warn motorists that a school bus is about to stop for students. Motorists can still safely pass the bus while the amber lights are on. Once the bus is at a full and complete stop, the red flashing lights will appear and a stop arm will be activated.
  • Once the red lights stop flashing and the stop arm closes, the school bus will begin to move and drivers may proceed.
  • Not stopping for a school bus is extremely dangerous and carries a hefty fine.

Walking to school can be a positive experience if they’re prepared.

Students who walk to school need to pay attention to traffic, weather conditions and avoid distractions along the way.

  • Practice the route to school before school starts. Share traffic safety rules, point out crosswalks and stop signs, landmarks, and family friends’ homes.
  • Store phones and electronics in backpacks as they can be a dangerous distraction.
  • Have them buddy up with a sibling, friend or older student so they get to and from school safely. Plus, it’s just more fun to walk with a buddy.