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Throughout May and June, get a Scratch & Win card at any Krown Centre or CAA Store in Ontario. You could win a $10,000 Trip of a Lifetime, 3,000 CAA Dollars®, $1,000 cash and more. Every card is a winner!

CAA Members save.

CAA Members save $10 on a Krown rust control application and receive 20% off various Krown products.

The benefits of rust control.1

Wallet and money

Higher resale value

Vehicles that are rust-free sell quicker and for more money.


Longer life cycle

Rust-free vehicles last longer, mechanically and structurally.

Recommended service protection

Safer and more appealing

Rust can compromise structural integrity of your vehicle. In collisions, corroded parts can cause panels to collapse in ways not intended by the manufacturer. Rust-free vehicles are also more visually appealing.

Mechanical first aid

Lower repair costs

Fewer maintenance issues tend to arise for rust-free vehicles. Repairs on electronic components are caused by corrosion. "Active" rust control products keep moving parts such as brake cables lubricated, preventing the parts from seizing up.

Automotive battery recycle

Environmental impact

Rust-free vehicles and their metal components can be recycled, thereby reducing waste.

Why CAA recommends Krown rust control.

  • Members save $10 on Krown rust control application, plus 20% off Krown merchandise
  • Krown products are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful ingredients, unlike other rust inhibitors
  • Krown products provide a nationally backed warranty for new and used vehicles
  • Krown products will not void your manufacturer's warranty
  • Certified Krown technicians receive annual training to get certified
  • Krown is committed to research and development, including ongoing independent testing of products

The benefits of rust prevention.

Rust can have a far greater impact on your vehicle.