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Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, EVs offer cost-effective solutions with fewer maintenance requirements.

If you're considering the leap to electric, delve into the Electric Vehicles 101 guide to explore the four different EV types and find the perfect match for your needs.

Hand holding electric car charger

Driving and charging.

Embark on a journey of efficient and eco-friendly driving. Canadians cover an average of 40 km per day, and with certain EV models, you can travel over 500 km on a single charge.

Uncover the convenience of home charging or locate nearby charging stations for charging on the go.

Owner finishing up car charging cycle

Cost of owning an electric vehicle.

Make the switch to electric without breaking the bank. Learn about the various ways electric vehicles can be more affordable than their gas-powered counterparts.

Explore tips for purchasing new or used EVs, understand life cycle costs and find information on available incentives.

A person charging an electric car

Availability of EVs in Canada.

The CAA EV Buyer’s Guide showcases over 90 electric vehicles currently available in Canada.

Explore the full list and discover the diverse options to suit your preferences.

Electric car charging up by a charging station

EV buyers guide.

Navigate the vast landscape of EV options with our interactive EV finder.

Tailor your search based on factors like cost, model and driving needs to find the perfect match.

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