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Save with special CAA Member rates.

Coverage Member Member & Spouse
$25,000 $3.15 $4.73
$50,000 $6.30 $9.45
$100,000 $12.60 $18.90
CAA Member Accident Protection Plan is available to CAA Members and their Spouse between the ages of 18-70 at a monthly premium.  To provide your family with financial protection and peace of mind, CAA has introduced the Member Accident Protection Plan. It covers you against death from all types of covered accidents – on an airplane, in an automobile, common carrier or watercraft or even as a pedestrian – 24 hours a day, anywhere in the world. It also pays in addition to whatever existing coverage you may already have.

Enrollment is easy.

  • If you and your spouse (if spousal coverage is purchased) are both residents of Ontario and CAA South Central Ontario Members between the ages of 18 and 70 with memberships in good standing, you are pre-approved.
  • The CAA Member Accident Protection Plan is renewable up to age 80.
  • There are no medical exams or health questions.
  • This policy provides 24/7 coverage every day for one year. It covers you at home, at work and even on vacation.
  • Coverage is available in amounts from $25,000 up to $200,000, for as little as $3.15 per month for CAA Members and $4.73 per month for both Member and spouse.
  • Benefits are paid under the plan as a lump sum cash payment – tax free – directly to your named beneficiary.
  • Our 30-day Right of Examination benefit allows for 30 days for you to review the policy.
  • Acceptance is guaranteed.
For more information, please contact 1-855-456-3099.