What CAA Members are Doing

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Recycling newspapers, reusing plastic bags and bringing your own coffee mug are just a few things you do every day to help the environment. But what about your driving? Many of our Members are carpooling to work, working from home, walking more often and taking public transit as ways to reduce their environmental footprint. The CAA Autogreen program provides many suggestions for drivers who want to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

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CAA Members share their stories

We asked our Members to let us know what they were doing to help the environment and this is what they had to say:

"My husband takes public transit to work every day. While I work from home, driving only when necessary. We actually moved from the suburbs to Toronto to help shorten the commute. At some point, we'll gladly switch to a hybrid."

"I commute from Guelph to Toronto each day by taking the Greyhound bus. When driving my vehicle, I keep my tire pressure accurate and do not idle. I'm looking into a hybrid as my next vehicle purchase."

"We have moved to a downtown location. We walk for most of our shopping needs, take a bus for some excursions and use our car wisely on longer trips."

"I commute to work daily with GO transit. When using my vehicle, I keep the tires properly inflated. My vehicle is well maintained with regular tune-ups and oil changes. And, I avoid idling for long periods of time."

"I live in a small town and only drive to Waterloo if I really need to. Otherwise, I prefer to ride my bike or walk to get small groceries. I bought a little bag on wheels to pull behind me. It's good exercise for the kids and it's fun!"

"We made a conscious decision to live close to where we work, so we don't have a long commute. We always shop locally and walk our children to school."

"I take the YRT and subway to get to work."

"I now walk to and from work. My wife and I have improved our communication and we pool any errands in order to cut back on the use of our car. We have also started using fuel that is blended with a corn alcohol alternative."

"I plan all of my errands in such a way that I just make one round-trip and get about 10 things done. I walk or cycle whenever possible and love taking the GO train or subway into the city."