Whether on Two Wheels or Four,
You Can Help Drive Road Safety.

As more Ontarians rely on both cars and bikes to get around, we need to do our part to share the road.

Two Wheels Have the Same Rights as Four Wheels.

In 2015, changes were made to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act that affect how drivers and cyclists must share the road safely.

For more details about the new laws and penalties, visit CAA Heads Up!

Cycling Safety in Ontario.

Are you ready to share the road? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Watch for Bikes Program.

CAA's Watch for Bikes program reminds motorists to always look carefully for cyclists approaching from behind. The penalty for obstructing a cyclist's path with a vehicle door is a $365 fine and three demerit points upon conviction.

To help raise awareness and remind motorists to stay alert, CAA gives away Watch for Bikes decals at CAA Stores across Ontario. The decal is to be placed on your side mirror as a reminder to check your mirror for cyclists and other traffic. Visit one of our CAA Stores to get your free decal.

In Your Municipality.

Municipalities are taking the message seriously by outfitting their fleet vehicles with CAA Watch for Bikes decals.

Cycling Resources.

For cycling information, including skills and riding tips, safety information and equipment maintenance and care, visit CAA Bike Safety.

To learn about recent changes to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, visit CAA Heads Up!