Government Relations

Tap into the power of CAA's Membership.

CAA has been advocating on behalf of our Members since 1903. The Government Relations team represents the interests of CAA Members to municipal and provincial governments, community groups and stakeholders by building relationships, making deputations and/or written submissions to councils and ministerial offices. We aim to ensure the voice of CAA Members is heard by government, while keeping Members informed about the issues that affect them.

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Slow Down, Move Over.

CAA has long advocated for the protection of motorists and tow truck operators through Slow Down, Move Over legislation.

Advocating that everyone deserves a safe place to work, CAA supported private member’s bills in 2011 and 2012, and the Making Ontario’s Roads Safer Act (Bill 31) in 2015. Effective September 1, 2015, the Highway Traffic Act was successfully amended to extend Slow Down, Move Over provisions to tow trucks, with penalties of $490 and three demerit points.

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Ontario’s Worst Roads.

Since 2003, CAA has called on all road users across Ontario – motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and others – to raise awareness about the need for improved infrastructure by voting for Ontario’s worst road. With over 3,000 roads nominated each year, CAA’s Worst Roads campaign provides a voice for the public to address concerns on our road network and is an opportunity to help improve road conditions in communities across the province.

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News Releases.

We're committed to ensuring CAA Members are the face and voice of our organization. That means whatever is important to you – whether it's the state of our roads, winter driving, distracted driving, the environment or traffic safety – is also important to us. Our dedicated government and community relations team continues to work diligently on your behalf to bring your views to our elected officials, police services, media partners and the general public.

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Towing Industry Regulations.

As of January 1, 2017, new regulations have come into effect for Ontario’s towing industry, along with strengthening consumer protection for motorists requiring assistance with their vehicle. CAA has advocated for greater consumer protection and the need for consistent regulation across the province.

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As part of our advocacy efforts, CAA has commissioned reports to help further the discussion of issues that affect CAA and its Members. Read about them below:

Where the Rubber Meets the Road: How Much Motorists Pay for Road Infrastructure

Congestion Costs, Road Capacity and Implications for Policy-makers

CAA Distracted Driving Survey (2016)

Government Presentations and Submissions.

At both the provincial and municipal levels of government, CAA has the opportunity to submit reports, recommendations or resolutions in support of issues that CAA stands for. Some recent submissions and presentations include:

Bill 65 – Safer School Zones Act, 2017.
In November 2016, the Minister of Transportation introduced Bill 65 – a bill that would give municipalities across the province the ability to install photo radar tools in school zones to help address challenges in these areas. For nearly 90 years, CAA has been engaged in school zone safety efforts through its CAA School Safety Patrol program. CAA has supported the effort of the provincial legislature to help ensure that students remain safe in school zones.