CAA's Advocacy

CAA's Advocacy at the Municipal Level

CAA South Central Ontario advocates on numerous issues impacting municipalities across our territory.

CAA Members have identified better transit, congestion and road infrastructure improvements as their key priorities.

Although some issues CAA advocates on at Queen's Park – such as the creation of an integrated regional transportation network – will be administered by the province, they can have far-reaching impacts on municipalities. Here are just a few of the issues and initiatives CAA is actively involved in:

CAA's Worst Roads

This is our annual grassroots infrastructure campaign that encourages public input on the conditions of Ontario roads, bridges and highways. Results of the campaign help secure dedicated provincial funding for municipal road and highway improvements and the prioritization of road repairs at the municipal level.

CAA School Safety Patrol

Since 1929, CAA has partnered with police, school boards, teachers, bus consortiums and student volunteers to ensure that children remain safe at road crossings and on school buses across Ontario. Over 55 Ontario police services partner with CAA to provide top-notch training. Over 20,000 elementary student volunteers, in approximately 800 schools across Ontario, participate each year.

Cycling Safety

CAA supports better cycling infrastructure and works with municipalities through our Watch for Bikes campaign. We also provide side-view mirror decals for fleet vehicles.

Distracted Driving

For over 10 years, CAA has advocated for stronger penalties for distracted driving. Additionally, our annual community education and awareness campaign provides drivers with tips and strategies to reduce distracted driving.

Gardiner Expressway

Within the City of Toronto, CAA advocates that any solution should maintain the same capacity and number of lanes as are currently on the Gardiner.

Slow Down, Move Over Legislation

This legislation requires motorists to slow down and move over when emergency workers are stopped at the side of the road. CAA advocates strongly to include roadside assistance workers in this legislation.


With many municipalities adopting roundabout intersections, education is critical to ensure that motorists, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, know how to navigate them safely.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

CAA supports research and development of these systems and their related applications, which aim to improve safety and efficiency of mobility for all road users. ITS technology enables the process of signal timing to be more efficient by enhancing data collection and system monitoring capabilities, allowing more efficient signal timing according to traffic flow.