How to Get Engaged

Know Your Candidates

Get to know your mayoral and council candidates. Are they community leaders? Have they been active in your community? Do you believe that they will make your community better place? Will they champion issues that are important to your community? Many candidates have websites that will include a biography or a summary of their achievements and participation in the community.

Know the Issues

What are the important issues facing your community? Local newspapers are a great source for familiarizing yourself with some larger community issues.

Know Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues

Knowing the candidates' position on the important issues facing your community is critical to making an informed decision on election day. This information can often be found on a candidate’s website; alternatively, send an email, call, or visit their campaign office.

Know How and Where to Vote

  • By law, you are entitled to a three-hour period on the day of the election to cast your ballot, even if you have to leave work.

  • Remember to bring ID with you when voting.

  • Each municipality has its own methods for voting. Some municipalities allow online voting and require you to register by a certain date. Contact your municipality to learn more about voting in your community.

  • Websites like can also help you confirm in which municipality you are registered to vote.

  • Much like provincial elections, there are advance polls in case you cannot vote on October 27 or wish to vote ahead of time.

  • Voter cards are mailed a couple of weeks prior to election day, listing where you can vote on election day and during the advance voting period.