Road Safety.

Let’s work together to keep our roads safe.

Pedestrian Safety.

Pedestrians use Ontario’s roads daily – in school zones, at intersections and at crosswalks. Many of us are both motorists and pedestrians. It’s our responsibility to follow the rules of the road to keep everyone safe.

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Snow covered car tires
Car key in Cannabis

Cannabis Impaired Driving.

With the legalization of cannabis, CAA continues to work with the government to ensure road safety is a top priority.

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Ontario Road Safety Resource.

Teaching kids about road safety? This bilingual, curriculum-based website includes lesson plans, tools and activities that will help you teach road safety in a fun and engaging way.

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Mechanic changing tire in winter

Slow Down, Move Over.

Roadside service workers depend on everyone to slow down and move over for stopped emergency vehicles and tow trucks with flashing lights.

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Winter Driving.

Driving in Canadian winters means we all need to anticipate poor driving conditions and prepare for the unexpected.

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Snow covered car tires

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Stranded Driver Tips.

What do you do if your vehicle breaks down or you’re in a collision? Follow this guide to get off the road as quickly and safely as possible.

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CAA School Safety Patrol®.

CAA’s School Safety Patrollers have been keeping children safe in Ontario for over 85 years.

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Senior Driving.

Driving becomes more challenging as we age. CAA provides information to help mature drivers stay mobile longer.

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Teen Driving.

Getting a driver’s licence comes with many new responsibilities. Find out if your teen is properly prepared to take these on.

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